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4 reasons to visit the Food exhibition in Milan

News > Food | 4 reasons to visit the Food exhibition in Milan

The word food take on a new meaning looking forward to Expo 2015 in Milan, where is currently open an interesting exhibition at the Museum of Natural History: “Food – the science from the seeds to the dish”.

Open since 28th November 2014, this event has already impressed many people, science passionate, families with kids and school groups.
Have a look at the 4 good to come to Milan and enjoy this exhibition.

foto copertina

  1. For the first time in Italy an exhibition deals with the food from the scientific point of view, revealing all the secrets from the origin to the finished dish.
    You won’t see elaborate meals and recipes, here at Food the focus is on to the heart of the dishes: the delicacies that arrive daily in our dishes are shown under different perspectives and then analyzed in detail.
  2. Visit the exhibition is a chance to discover the concept of biodiversity and the importance of preserving it. You will realize, for example, that the wheat we use today is the result of an infinite number of genetic changes that occurred over the centuries.
    Furthermore, some workshops are dedicated to the peanut oil, one of the fittest for frying, or to the best way to prepare an ice cream or mayonnaise, many topics explained scientifically following chemistry and physics theories.
  3. Are you a beginner in cooking? The exhibition Food will disclose a universe because there will be a lot of workshops devoted to household electrical appliances and machinery for food processing. A series of panels show how to best preserve the food in your fridge.
  4. It’s an exhibition suitable for everyone: people you will enjoy a new “taste” of food while children will learn something new from interactive exhibits.
    That’s right: Food – the science from the seeds to the dish” is the opposite of a standard museum. There are scientific video recipes, olfactory, interactive exhibits (devices that allow a direct perception of a natural phenomenon), panels, pictures, games, ancient manuscripts and rare seeds.

foto 1

The exhibition Food will end on 28th June 28, 2015, overlapping for two months the EXPO.

You can buy tickets and get to know the opening hours checking the official website:
It’s possible to book guided tours with guides graduated in food science.

foto bookshop

Don’t miss the bookshop of the museum, where to buy the catalog of “Food” that contains, among other things, 30 pictures of the most famous dishes cooked by the most renowned chefs in the world: Carlo Cracco, Ferran Adrià, Alain Ducasse and Gualtiero Marchesi, only to mention a few.

At the bookshop are available many books that deal with the food theme in its multiple aspects: from international recipes to the bakery, from the history of the different gastronomical traditions to the social and healthy side of food.

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