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5 of the best concept stores in Milan

News > Design | 5 of the best concept stores in Milan

“A concept store is a retail outlet characterized by its complete heterogeneity compared to the experience of the traditional store.” Translated from the wikipedia-language, a concept store is a store decorated with style, which sells sophisticated and original items.
Italian streets, filled with boutiques and artisans, often have no place for stores like these. The same goes for Milan, but, since it likes to wear European clothes, it has some concept stores here and there, that managed to find their place between an umbrella maker and a new showroom.

10 Corso Como

Corso Como 10 Exclusive Shopping

If you ask a Milanese to mention you a concept store, he would most certainly say “10 Corso Como, of course.”

10 Corso Como is definitely the most famous concept store in Milan. And he deserves this title with flying colours. It was Carla Sozzani who opened it in 1991. Back in the nineties, it was quite hard to imagine such a store.

And yet, she opened it inside the courtyard of an old firm, and she set up a place that managed to be both cosmopolitan and intimate. Today, Corso Como 10 keeps this atmosphere.

When entering the courtyard, you will find elegant waiters bringing glasses of spritz from table to table. The first floor is occupied by the actual store: here, you will find clothes that look like works of art, Maison Martin Margiela bracelets, leather goods made from recycled materials, special editions of Converse and publishing treasures.

Finally, on the second floor, there is the Sozzani gallery, with its exhibitions, mostly free.


Amanita concept store

Francesca Trezzi decided, a year ago, to set up a shop in the Porta Nuova.
To be precise, near the Bosco Verticale, Renzo Piano’s new skyscraper full of trees in its balconies.
She decided to name her store “Amanita”, so that it would have been perfect when opened near the skyscraper-vertical-forest.

Why? Well: imagine a mushroom. We bet you picture in your mind a red big mushroom with white dots. That’s the alfa mushroom, and it is called Amanita. And it’s poisonous. But, don’t worry. The store has nothing dangerous.

It sells Federica’s creations, like leather shoes, both elegant and comfortable; Nadine’s accessories in bronze and silver-plated white gold; Piruline’s strings made from alternative materials such as velvet and jacquard ribbons; and Lupus in Fabula, knitwear for children made from 100% natural fibres.


Top concept stores in MIlan

The legend tells that once upon a time, in Serendippo lived a wise king named Giaffer, with his three children.

They were very smart and educated but they lacked any practical ability. The three princes embarked on a trip around the world to meet obstacles, get scared, overcome their fears and discover fascinating fact about themselves and the world. And, it is with this philosophy that Serendeepity opened in Ticinese: to allow the discovery of one’s self and of others through contact with the wonders of high design objects.

The shop is divided into three parts: the musical, the design and the editorial sectors.

Nonostante Marras

Nonostante Marras store in Milan

Out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre and the glitter of the Fashion District: Antonio Marras has decided to open a concept store in what used to be a firm, at number 8 of Via Cola di Rienzo. Inside, there are books, objects, flowers and artworks.

Stroll through a shelf and the other with a martini glass in your hands or sit at the bar and try a Sardinian dessert. The space is unique, furnished with attention to the details: there are antique pieces of furniture, leather armchairs, fine ceramics. There is also a library built from fruit crates. Marras listened to his shabby-chic nature. And we thank him for this!



A concept store different from the others we have told you so far because, although it specializes in the sale of heterogeneous objects, these objects are all united by the brand: Pantone.

Corso Magenta 5 is the perfect place for the brand lovers and the minimal lovers. Pantone is an authority in the design world and its products are unique: you will find items of furniture, clothing and accessories.

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