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7 places where to have a cocktail in Milan

News > Food | 7 places where to have a cocktail in Milan

Straws as swords and pineapple slices as shields. They hold ice cubes as ammunitions and they keep in mind the mantra that in Milan you don’t only drink: you drink well.

They are Milan’s bartenders who, behind their counters, choose, weigh and shake spirits and sodas. As modern knights, they fight to create the best cocktail recipe.

We’ll show you some of their most original creations: visiting Milan means tasting at least one of them and proclaim the winner.

What women want

Il cocktail al femminile


The name is meant for costumers wearing heels and holding clutch: Trussardi Femem Perfume was created by Tommaso Cecca’s imagination for the Café Trussardi, standing behind the Teatro della Scala. A cocktail that tastes sweet and fruity: a mix of orange, vanilla and champagne makes it original and intriguing.

American only by name


One of the most famous cocktails of Milan is the Americano which, although carrying this name, has only 100% Italian ingredients: bitter Campari, red vermouth and soda.

There’s a version of the Americano, called Amaricano that combines these ingredients with bitter Petrus, gin and tamarind syrup. The classic Americano can be tasted basically anywhere in Milan, while this special edition only at the Pitch, in Ripa di Porta Ticinese.

Gin Zen


Many have tried to imitate it. None, however, succeeded. The original Gin Zen is signed by Rita & Cocktails, the acclaimed cocktail bar in Ripa di Porta Ticinese. Its recipe includes London dry gin, fresh lime juice, soda, fresh ginger, brown sugar and ice.

There is also a secret ingredient, but obviously the Rita barmen have decided not to reveal it.

There is nothing wrong with the Sbagliato



Sbagliato in Italian means wrong. But the Sbagliato cocktail is actually flawless. The citizens of Milan have tried it at least once and either love it or hate it. Its history dates back to the ‘60s, when it was created in the Bar Basso, one of the most important and noteworthy bars of Milan. Its recipe is similar to the Negroni, but it has sparkling wine instead of gin.

Panettone made liquid


We’ve already told you the history of the Panettone, the Christmas cake born in Milan.

However, we haven’t said a word about the liqueur made from this famous cake. Yes, you read that right: a spirit made from a cake. Why should you treat yourself with some panettone only during Christmas holidays?

And why not enjoy it also in its liquid form? This is what probably Lacerba’s barmen thought when preparing the Panettone Sour for the first time. Leonardo Todisco, Agostino Galli, Giacomo Ellena and Niccolò Caramiello have included these ingredients into the recipe: 1 Panettone (weight 1 kilo), 3 liters of dark rum, 60 ml of sugar syrup. The result is a panettone liqueur, perfect all year long.

The cocktail with the name of the Naviglio


Speakeasy 1930 is the cocktail bar born in March 2013. You can enter in there only with a card: ask the nearby Mag Café for it, they share the same management. Marco Russo is Speakeasy’s bartender. He created the Martesana, the cocktail bearing one of the Navigli’s name. As a matter of fact, Russo used to ride the Naviglio Martesana each day to reach Milano.

The cocktail, therefore, represents the physical and metaphorical travel of Russo towards Milan and a new life. Try it, if you share this destiny of faraway destinations.

Wish me goodnight with a cocktail


Made with chamomile and specifically designed for a regular customer of Elitabar, Martina: she never knew whether or not to have one last cocktail before going to bed. Elitabar’s barmen decided to create a cocktail with chamomile, Tanqueray No. 10 gin and freshly squeezed grapefruit: it’s perfect to gently walk you into your next dream.

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