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Ambroeus, new vintage fashion boutique in Milan

News > Fashion | Ambroeus, new vintage fashion boutique in Milan

In Europe the vintage clothing fashion began in London in Camden Town markets. Those stores were a source of inspiration for activities that would open in Milan in the early eighties.
The Milan Camden was the Porta Ticinese district, where they had grounded most vintage stores, between the Columns of San Lorenzo and Via Torino. The vintage clothes business is synonymous with commercial success and Ambroeus, a new fashion boutique, is carrying on this tradition in Milan.

What you can find at Ambroeus Milano

Ambroeus new vintage fashion boutique in Milan


The shop is located in the Isola neighborhood, former a working-class become popular very fashionable in the last twenty years. In these streets, plenty of trendy bars and trendy shops, Ambroeus is located in Via Pastrengo, right behind the Porta Nuova district and which has just turned one year old.

It is a new unisex vintage clothing space and it is run by the three founding members; two brothers, Ettore and Giorgia Dell’Orto and their friend Massimo Milani.

Ambroeus owners


The owners, after gaining an education and skills in different areas from the fashion industry, decided to start a new challenge following their passion for vintage.
The shop offers a very inspired vintage style, by a very careful research that shows a great knowledge in consumer tastes. Ambroeus source of inspiration came from the music and its aesthetic and proposals have clear references to the indie rock. Ambroeus proposals meet a vintage style with a distinctive elements in a current and contemporary style.

vintage fashion in Milan

The shop offers a very unique vintage style; from the Giorgia’s selection who has become the buyer of the group after her background experience in some London vintage shops, you can find some real sartorial goodies. The staff, by their creativity, gives personality to any old clothes.

At Ambroeus you can find a range of high fashion clothes such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Pucci together with popular brands such as Gap or Levi’s. The shop offers T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, handbags, sunglasses and belts from very known brands or other not which denoting a high quality.

new boutique in Milan

At Ambroeus you have the opportunity to sell your stuff, just contact the staff without an appointment. We all have in our closets something that we don’t dress anymore, ever if it is still good. The Ambroeus staff is always ready to do their offer, so take advantage of this opportunity and spice up your wardrobe when you’re on holiday in Milan!

Boutique website:

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