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Ambrosian Carnival: main events and traditional masks of Milan

News > Eventi | Ambrosian Carnival: main events and traditional masks of Milan

Carnival in Milan isn’t worldwide famous as Venice or Viareggio Carnival, but is different from the rest of Italy: Ambrosian Carnival, in fact, is calculated considering the beginning of the Lenten period from the first Sunday of Lent, so the last day of Carnival is Saturday and not on Shrove Tuesday.

This year, the highlight of the festivities in the city is expected, therefore, on Saturday, 21st February, the day when Milan will be covered with confetti and streamers in every corner of the city.

Events milan Carnevale

The events not to be missed in Milan

Came to 40th edition, the big parade organized by FOM, Fondazione Oratori Milanesi is conceived to drag the kids into choreography and scenes where they become protagonists, so it is a very important event for Milanese people and the Parade that will take place in the center is an unforgettable for those who participate as “actor”.

The topic of the traditional parade of carnival floats, by the way, is Pela, taglia, trita, cuoci, inspired by the motto of Expo 2015 Feeding the planet, energy for life and will take the shape of tools such as pots, blenders, plates and cutlery, to pay homage to the Italian culinary tradition.

Events Milan Carnevale Ambrosino

If the floats will agree everyone, the other events in Milan are targeted to a more defined audience. We suggest these special events for kids: the Natural History Museum of Milan, during Carnival, offers a playful guided tour for families with children aged between 6 and 11, to discover all the secrets of the animals.

The guided tours are scheduled on Friday 20th February at 3:00 pm and Saturday 21st February at 19:00 pm at the Museum, located at Corso Venezia, 55.

A Carnival that will be really funny is expected at the spazio Kikolle Lab (via Fratelli Bronzetti, 18), a venue where there will be costume parties and creative workshops.
Among streamers, confetti, tricks, pizza and sweets, children will celebrate the Carnival rite learning to use imagination and creativity. All information can be found at:

Eventi Carnevale a Milano

What’s about Milanese nightlife?

Who is looking for masquerade parties should go to Tunnel Club, one of the main music clubs in Milan, situated at via Sammartini, 30, close to central railway station, where on Saturday, 21st there will be the Carnival Party on the Orient Express, characterized by masks of Dracula, James Bond, Mata Hari and Lupin III.

During the party you will enjoy live performances and dj set by Munk, Ricardo Baez and Uabos representing the label Gomma Records.

The costume is strongly recommended but not required: you can dress up as murderer, noble, diplomat, geisha or use a traditional Venetian masks.



If you wish to change identity for a day during Carnival, the traditional masks always attract curious stares and admiration.

In Milan, the classics are Harlequin, the crafty and silly servant, thief, liar and cheat, always in conflict with his master, Meneghino, the typical Milanese character: sincere and honest, sensitive and generous worker, “con el coeur in man”, Brighella, the old pal of Harlequin and the crafty and cunning Beltrame; these are the most popular characters of Ambrosian Carnival.

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