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Art exhibitions in Milan

News > Eventi | Art exhibitions in Milan

Different artists and different way to explain art. This represents the various national and international works of great artists exhibited in Milan, that necessarily need to be known. During the summer Milan attracts a great numeber of tourists thanks to its mix of cultural and art events.

With that in mind here’s a list of the must-see art exhibitions in Milan in August/September 2014 you absolutely can’t miss.

Waiting For Chagall in Milan

Marc Chagall‘s works cannot be unnoticed in a a lifetime, we can easily recall the symbols that characterized the fairy universe of the artist with his floating figures.


In his works Chagall represents his expressive language where every colors reacall an emotions.

The Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale), one of the most important cultural centre in Milan hosts this year the largest italian retrospective dedicated to Chagall, from the 17th of September 2014 to the 18th of January 2015.

220 the works of the russian artist, mostly paintings, that will guide the visitors trhough a chronological itinerary representing the life, the expressive language and career of Chagall from his first painting “Le Petit Salon” to the impressive works of the 80s of the twentieth, century till the most recent works.

Masterpieces coming from the major museums around the world which reflects a new interpretation of the artist’s expressive language and dream world developed by the mingling of western culture.

The exhibition is divided into two sections. In the first one you will appreciate the early works of the artist created in Russia and during his first stay in France and Spain and his subsequent return to Russia. Than in 1921 the period of his exile first in France, than in America. The final period when he returned to France was determining for the style he gave to his paintings.

It was during his period on the French Riviera that he developed a more tranquil poetic reflected in the particular use of colors, a new artistic expression permeate his universe, brightened by the atmosphere of the southern coast.

Mimmo Rotella – Décollages and Retro d’Affiches

Mimmo Rotella is a very famous italian artist for the introduction and invention in the early fifties of a new artistic language expression, the décollage.


The exhibition hosted in the Palazzo Reale in Milano includes 150 works of the artist (both private and public collections in Italy and abroad) which reflects the great contribution he gave to the art world from 1953, the year of his first experiments when he adopted torn posters, to 1964 when the artist contributed to the XXXII Venice Biennale. Rotella adopted a form of artistic experimentation in which he broke down conventions.

What are you waiting come to Milan and visit the extravagant works the artist realizes.

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