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Arts and food Exhibition Triennale Milan

News > Food | Arts and food Exhibition Triennale Milan

For food design lovers the exhibition Arts and Food is what we suggest to visit. The particular exhibition proposed by Expo Milano 2015 is focused on the relation between art and food. That’s why it was well welcomed at Palazzo della Triennale, the only one italian institution that focused on visual arts and their various multidisciplinary applications.

Arts and Food is the only exhibition that will take place outside the expository area of Expo 2015.and it’s an artistic itinerary through food. It will be a really great occasion for food and arts lovers to visit unique works of food design.

With its great contribution at Expo 2015, Arts and Food it was presented the last 21st of July it’s a reflection on the languages of art that focused on the thematic of food, starting from 1851 when it was organized the first world Expo in London.

The keywords of the exhibition will be nutrition, conviviality and above all food design. The center of interest is food from different point of views but in particular food design and all the architecture works realized for the food service. You can admire how the language of creativity are shaped and transformed in relation to the thematic of food.


The exhibition will be hosted in the renowned Palazzo della Triennale from the 10th of April to the 1st november 2015.

“Cucina e Ultracorpi”

In occasion of the 8th Edition of the Triennale Design Museum related to Expo 2015 it will be treated another peculiarity of the main issue of italian food design. This is called “Cucine e Ultrasuoni” the proposal to realize an itinerary which analyses the transformation of the traditional kitchen hand tools from the XIX century to this day. Thanks to “Cucine e Ultrasuini” we will travel through again the transformation of the traditional kitchen from the coming of the industrialization to this day with the introduction of modern appliances.

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