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Babet, retro & vintage style in Milan

News > Fashion | Babet, retro & vintage style in Milan

As soon as we come near the Babet window, the red-head Barbara pops out from a mannequin. Her kind, blue eyes smile, inviting us in. We open Babet door and we enter in a small shop, eccentric and, although full of things, quite tidy. Lory is behind the counter: she too has short red hair and a kind look. Together, they tell us how Babet was born, the vintage boutique in via Tolstoj.

The making of a vintage boutique

Babet, retro and vintage style in Milan

“I am fond of flea markets”. It’s Barbara Ghilardini, owner of Babet, talking: “There, you need to be curious. If you’re careful enough, if you talk and look closely, you’ll always find something interesting to take home with you!”.
“And, on day, that something interesting was me! “.

While Barbara was walking in the flea market, Loredana was standing behind her own stall: among other things, she is an image consultant who creates her own accessories.
Barbara was tired of surviving behind the desk of her office. Thus, with Loredana’s support, she decided to take courage. “You know,” she says “I wanted to do something that was worth to be told in a few years”.
Barbara has always lived near Via Savona, in the south of Milan. One day, while coming back home, she walked near a butcher shop and discovered it was about to close: so, she decided to buy it.
And, a few days later, on September 26, 2015, Babet was born.

What you can find in Babet

Shopping vintage in Milan

Babet is a small shop, tastefully decorated in every detail. Upon entering, raise your eyes: you will find chandeliers hidden behind the tulle of some clothes hanging from the ceiling that make the atmosphere surreal and magical. On the right, there are two hangers with dresses, skirts and shirts. The garments are unique, original and created with care, by choosing the best fabrics.

Yet, despite these premises, they are all affordable: blouses, for example, start from 15 €. Also, unlike many other vintage boutiques, the pieces of clothing are original, but not so eccentric that cannot be worn: some are perfect for a wedding, others would arouse no surprise if they’d appear in an office meeting. One, black with a wide skirt, arrived till the music festival of San Remo.

Retro chich style in Milan

The clothes come from both private collections and fashion schools. They are clothes that no one would use, that would remain closed in cabinets and, with the passing of time, forgotten. Thanks to Babet they find a new life.
Others items come from New York, from fashion shows or flea markets. “Almost everything I’ve found in New York has been sold! Everything apart from that one! “. Barbara points a dress that looks like Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “I’m keeping it! I don’t sell it, I just rent it. ” Yes, because Babet does not only sell, but also rents clothes for special occasions.
Moreover, there are not only clothes, but also shoes, such as the ‘60s clogs, and accessories. Some earrings are made with paper, others with recycled leather. And then, there are the pendants and the rings showing famous paintings, from Lempitchka’s to Klimt’s.

Why you should go to Babet

Babet boutique

When entering in Babet, you’ll notice a nice, sweet fragrance. It’s not only the cherry perfume you smell in the air, but also that of the prolific collaboration of two women who passionately work together and joyfully realize every single packet.
“We want to create a small oasis of peace in Milan. We would like that our customers came here just to try some clothes on and relax a little!”
Barbara and Loredana are the first reason why you should go to Babet: they talk and listen carefully. They have fun together and make us laugh.

Babet Barbara Ghilardini

The second reason is that you will find affordable and original clothes.
The third is that they know how to turn a black décolleté in a character shoe, a tight jacket in a new creation. Bring them your most boring items, or those who do not wear anymore: in a short time, they will assume another aspect.
Try to go to Babet on Saturday: at 5, Barbara and Lory offer to their customers a cup of tea and some cookies.

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