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BASE: Milan’s new space for cultural progress

News > Design | BASE: Milan’s new space for cultural progress

Although it has recently opened, it has already boasted a countless number of events, initiatives and … people queuing.
BASE is the project with the objective to promote innovation and the cultural fusion among art, creativity and enterprise. 6.000 square meters of co-working space, workshops and exhibitions areas, all welcoming this spirit of cultural innovation with a busy schedule of meetings, exchanges, events and surprises.

“Our compass,” the co-founders of BASE wrote on the official website, “is culture, the common good as well as the engine of socio-economic progress, both individually and collectively. Only through the repositioning of its role as enzyme of transformations, people can truly change themselves and the world. ”

Base Milano

The former Ansaldo: where BASE stands

BASE: Milan's new space for cultural progress

BASE is located inside a former factory known as Ansaldo, in the Design District of Via Tortona. Built between 1904 and 1923, it rose as an example of the architectural era of bustling transformations, characterized by the impact of factories on the evolution of the city and on the people who lived there. Originally, the factory was bought by Roberto Zust. After several changes in both the ownership and the production, in the mid-60s, the space was sold to Ansaldo’s firm to produce locomotives, railway cars and trams. In 1989, the area was purchased by the City of Milan, with one, simple, rule: that of using it as a cultural meeting place.
Thus, in 2015 the MUDEC was born – the Museum of Cultures of Milan – and, a year later, BASE.

In BASE’s main room there is a café, where people can drink a coffee, work with their computers or enjoy one of the dishes cooked with simple, healthy, but tasty ingredients.
Besides the café and the exhibition spaces, BASE also hosts an artistic residence, a space where the concept of hospitality meets culture and art. The atmosphere is familiar, friendly and kind. You’ll find there ten rooms, some with just a bed, others with four. Their goal? Hosting artists who, when getting off, are supposed to leave behind a piece of their art meant to represent them and adorn the space.

The scheduled events

Cosa vedere al Base di Milano

Many events are scheduled for the next months to come.
One of the most interesting, in our opinion, is that of June, 10: the first marathon dedicated to cultural innovation, conceived and organized by Bookrepublic for Cultural Innovation, a project of the Cariplo Foundation. It consists of two days of non-stop lectures, debates and workshops in which designers, creatives, developers and curious can take part. Contests and world-class speakers will take the stage one after the other. Some names are those of Brian Chang from Disney, Chiara Montanari, the expedition leader in Antarctica, and Tobias Ahlin from Spotify. There’s no entrance fee: another good reason to join this mixture of progress and culture.

Moreover, on the occasion of the Triennale’s International Exhibition, 21st Century Design after design exhibition (read our post to know more), BASE will host an exhibition of 1,200 square meters. Until September, the Triennale will challenge and show the contradictions, inconsistencies and uncertainties of today’s world of design in the age of globalization and digitalization.

BASE accepts the challenge and interprets it in his own way, by hosting various cultures of the world design. Israel, for example, has chosen to collect 20 designers in a collective titled Yes, and ..; the Republic of China has brought an exhibition entitled Design on Walking; France has created an installation with local proposals of Saint-Etienne, a UNESCO city. What we’ve told you is just a small part of BASE proposal: to see it entirely, you only need to check in at number 40 of via Tortona!

BASE Milano website:

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