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Camparino, an historical bar in Milan

News > Food | Camparino, an historical bar in Milan

It’s gold on a black background and, since 1915, it has dominated the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele of Milan: it’s the Camparino sign, one of the most famous bars of Milan.
Discover its story with us!

The Camparino: serving spritz from 1915

Camparino an historical bar in Milan

On November 17, 1867, on a door of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele appears a blue stork: it belongs to Davide Campari, the first citizen of Milan to be born in the Galleria.

Together with his brother, David opens in 1915 the Camparino, a bar in the center of Milan that serves cocktails made with Campari, until late at night. Passing by its gold sign meant be enchanted by the stylish, imperial furnishings and by the coming and going of people holding a spritz in their hands.

What made the Camparino special was not only its refined decor, or its proximity to the Duomo, but also and foremost the secret mechanic it was hiding in the basement; a hydraulic system that allowed the continuous flow of chilled water soda up to the bar. This meant only one thing: spritz all day and all night always at the right temperature.
The Camparino soon became a must-see for any tourist and local.
Its glory, however, eclipsed for a while when, in 1943, the Galleria was hit by air raids of World War II. The tall glass doors of the Camparino closed until the end of the War, when Guglielmo Miani, a tailor from Apulia, bought its license.
Since then, a new lifecycle started for the Camparino, which passed through various stages and transformations. It has changed many names: it became Zucca, then Miani, then again Zucca, until it finally came back to Camparino in 2012.

One of the most original transformations was the one brought forward by Ugo Nespolo. He re-designed the entire Camparino interiors, taking as a reference Boccioni’s masterpiece Rissa in Galleria, a painting showing people fighting with the background of the Camparino bar: a painting, therefore, testifying the Camparino immortality through the years that made it a symbol of what we call nowadays the Milanese movida.

The Camparino today

Camparino Milan

It’s Guglielmo’s daughter Teresa, together with her husband Orlando, who are managing the bar today. The keep on the Camparino tradition and quality started in the early 1900, meaning both the quality of the cocktails and the welcoming atmosphere of the place.
Ok, but…which cocktails?
Going to the Camparino and asking for a sparkling water it’s an insult to the centennial history of the place. Especially when you consider that there are lots of cocktails, perfect to satisfy even the most difficult tastes!
For example, for those who like strong flavors, you can opt for a Negroni or a Negroni Sbagliato.
Those who prefer something refreshing, instead, must try the Campari on the Rocks, while those who love the cherry on tops (of cocktails) can sip a Campari Orange Passion.
In any case, you will not be disappointed!

Camparino website:

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