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Cavalli e Nastri: the Milanese chic vintage

News > Fashion | Cavalli e Nastri: the Milanese chic vintage

It’s the beginning of the ’90s and Antonio Ponte, one of Missoni’s designers, is in a small shop near the Columns of San Lorenzo, in Porta Ticinese.

Kneeled over a box, there is Claudia Jesi, who has just taken over the place and is tiding things up.


Antonio takes a look at the clothes she is hanging: they perfectly represent the past fashion trends, they are studied in every detail, both quirky and elegant. Antonio is so impressed that he notes down the store name, Cavalli e Nastri, and the nickname he has just chosen for Claudia, Buon Gusto – Good Taste.

Now, almost 20 years later, Cavalli e Nastri is one of the trendiest shops of Milan, and that nickname fitted its owner so well that everybody forgot her real name.

The philosophy of Cavalli e Nastri

The first Ticinese shop closed down and reopened in three different locations around Milan.
The name of the store -Horses and Ribbons- pictures a past of baby catwalks in way too large heels and jackets.

Cavalli Nastri Milan

Cavalli e Nastri plays with the past: its windows display unique items of clothing, from Pucci’s blouses, to Chanel’s nineteenth-century dresses.
Don’t say its clothes are “old”, or you’ll rip apart the entire fairy atmosphere: instead, try with “vintage”, which also gives you an idea of its prices, quite high.

Don’t worry if you are saving some money: every first Thursday of the month, Cavalli e Nastri organizes a vintage swap!


You packed a dress you used to love that now has bored you? Perfect: just go to the store and exchange it with another dress of the same value. That dress still bores you but your grandma gave it to you and, giving it away, would make you feel guilty? No problem: Cavalli e Nastri also offers a tailoring service to improve your clothes without turning them upside-down!

In short, the Buon Gusto lady has thought about everything. Even the flamingos. Yes, flamingos have recently appeared in the Brera shop and are already victims of the passerby’s selfies.

Three different stores for a unique concept

As we have already mentioned, there are three Cavalli e Nastri: one is in via Brera and two in via Gian Giacomo Mora.

Cavalli Nastri Milan

Claudia has herself described the three stores:
Brera is an evening dress of the ’70s. Mora has a ’30s soul; it’s the perfect destination for true connoisseurs. And the newest, still in via Gian Giacomo Mora, is dedicated to men and furnishings. “
We recommend you to go to the store in via Brera 2, the “classic” Cavalli e Nastri, where you won’t be accused of fashion crime if you’d get a brand name wrong.

There you’d be able to take a selfie with a flamingo, while wondering if it can be considered as part of your hand luggage.

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