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Contemporary Design in Milan: the Feltrinelli Foundation

News > Design | Contemporary Design in Milan: the Feltrinelli Foundation

Porta Nuova is a district that has completely changed in the last years.
The changes in this area, which by the way there are not completed, has no equal compare with other areas of Milan, and they are transformed recently the district of Porta Nuova in a new tourist attraction that drives the customers to walk through the streets, fascinated by the new skyscrapers and the residential buildings.

In the surroundings there is the Porta Volta district, destined to become a new cultural center of Milan in the near future. Last month, in an area that includes Viale Crespi and Via Pasubio, between the imposing skyscrapers, the Garibaldi railway station and Corso Como (have a look at our guide), the new seat of the Feltrinelli Foundation has been inaugurated.
The realization of this new architectural work has required several years.

new Fondazione Feltrinelli in Milan


Inauguration of the new Feltrinelli Foundation

Contemporary Design in Milan: the Feltrinelli Foundation

Since the early morning of December 13th, a lot of people were in queue at Piazza XXV Aprile: it was the enthusiasm resulted during the opening day of the Feltrinelli Foundation, which was attended also by the President of the Italian Republic.

Such as the surrounding buildings, the seat of the Foundation is designed by an archistar. In fact the Feltrinelli Foundation is an opera by the famous Swiss architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron Arkitekten which, in recent years has focused on the realization of venues such as the Tate Museum in London or the Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich.

The Feltrinelli Foundation is housed by a futuristic and striking building that, from February 2017, it will also host the new Microsoft Italy headquarter.
The Foundation includes a new Feltrinelli bookshop, a bar, a library, a conference room, a study and research center, and an exhibition space. The structure is also the new home of the valuable Feltrinelli archive, which includes 250,000 volumes.

Libreria della Fondazione Feltrinelli


The Foundation cultural program, as well as workshops and exhibitions of all kinds, provides educational activities that will involve the Milan universities and schools. A structure that aims to dialogue with the city through workshops and events open to anyone.

This is a place where culture, art and innovation will meet and find synthesis, through exhibitions, conferences, meetings, educational formats and shows.
The Feltrinelli Foundation has been inaugurated but not completed; a new park of 15,000 square meters will open in the next months.
We recommend you to check the website of the Foundation for further details about the next events.

Milano Porta Volta


Official website:

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