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Design after design at the Triennale of Milan

News > Eventi | Design after design at the Triennale of Milan

The Triennale is the true cultural centre of Milan, a meeting point of those in love with the world of design. For a long time now it has served only as an exhibition space in the heart of Parco Sempione, where fairs and exhibitions have been held at regular intervals.

From April 2nd to September 12th, the Triennale plays once more its original role, the one it was born with in 1923: not only exhibitions, but a true organizational authority able to manage a series of meetings and events related to a specific theme.

The Triennale has scheduled an intense program of exhibitions, installations, performances and concerts: the appointments will not only happen within the Parco Sempione, but also in 20 locations among the most culturally active of the Milanese panorama, like the MUDEC, the Hangar Bicocca, the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci. What is the theme that will tie all these events? Obviously, design.

Talking, writing and exhibiting about design

Women in Italian Design

Design after design is the name and the main theme of the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale. In order to develop it, several artists and designers were called from all over Italy and the world. The goal is to show the plurality of voices and experiences that are possible in the design world.

Visitors will look at important traces of past, present and future of this art, shedding the light on many issues, such as the impact of globalization, the complex relationship between the city and the new technologies, the relationship between tradition and craftsmanship.

The exhibitions scheduled at the Triennale

Design after design at the Triennale of Milan

Many events are planned and, among them, there are 20 exhibitions, partly organized by the Triennale and partly from other museum institutions. Here’s a list of the ones the Triennale holds:

Neo prehistoric times – 100 Verbi

Neo Prehistoric times

An exhibition organized by Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara, who have decided to focus their attention on the evolution of our everyday artefacts to describe the abandonment of the state of nature by men and their entrance into a world that always comes up with new needs. And where the design’s role is to meet these needs, through objects capable of expressing or solve them. The exhibition will take you on a journey from prehistoric objects to modern technologies.

W – Women in Italian Design
Organized by Silvana Annicchiarico, the exhibition aims to shed a light on the female component of the design world, often overlooked. Careful to the details and to the concept of “beautiful”, the objects will trace a history of the art of the XX chromosome movement.

 Multicultural metropolis


A survey on globalization and on its effects that inevitably tend to lead to the disappearance of individual memories and traditions.
Andrea Branzi showcases different multi-ethnic realities and their coexistence, more or less conflictual. And he does that through the objects they use.

Festivals, workshops and concerts

To enrich such a busy schedule of exhibitions there are other events organized by other cultural entities.
Among them, there is the first festival of Human Rights (3-8 May), and also the fourth edition of IT Independent Theatre Festival (May 13 to 15).

A lot of space is dedicated to movies. The Spazio Oberdan, for instance, organizes events and screenings from June 3 to August 31 and which bears the name of “L’Avventura dello Sguardo. Cinema, Architetture e Orizzonti”.
And again, the concerts organized by Ponderosa and the theatre program of the CRT Teatro dell’Arte.
To stay up to date, keep an eye on the Triennale Facebook page or on its website

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