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Dexter, handcrafted jewelry in Milan

News > Fashion | Dexter, handcrafted jewelry in Milan

A gear to stop the time, to remind of a past moment, to dream of a future one.
It’s not magic: it’s what Dexter aims at as well as its owners’ motto.
Dexter is a jewelry atelier standing in Piazza Piemonte, 10. Here, accessories are shaped following the brand’s guidelines and concept: the result is a gear that can be worn as a precious jewel.
Perfect as a gift to commemorate a special moment, Dexter items are manufactured by expert craftsmen who make them look both original and accurate.

The story of Renata and Raffaella, jewelry designers

Luxury shopping in MIlan

Renata Manno and Raffaella Finco: two friends who share similar days. They both work in a multinational company and spend their time chasing new economy trends able to modernize and revolutionize their work environments.
One day, however, they get tired. They get tired of charts and data. And they decide to focus on some lost values, those linked to ancient, handmade jobs.
Both Renata and Raffaella are fascinated by the world of jewelers. Therefore, they decide, to enroll in a goldsmith night school: in three years, they discover a new world, one that hectic industrial reality has buried.
Raffaella and Renata decide to do otherwise: they decide to bring it back to light. Thus, in 2010, they leave charts and well-established careers to do something different, something able to make the buried values of craftsmanship get along with the daily grind.
And so, shortly after, Dexter was born. The name comes from the English dexterity. Its icon is the Time Machine, a gear expressing the values ​​of the duo: on the one hand, the vitality of this modern era, on the other, the link with tradition and with the passing of time.

The jewels of Dexter and the bond between present and past

Dexter handcrafted jewelry in Milan

Each Dexter jewel, each gear, is designed and created with the aim to represent the convergence of goldsmiths’ traditional craftsmanship with a modern and cosmopolitan look. The goldsmith’s tradition is embedded in the craftsmen’s dedication: as a matter of fact, they are meticulously involved in every part of the process, from casting to finishing.
On the other side, the design was chosen to represent Dexter dynamic and modern aspect.
Jewels are created in order to suit different occasions. Some include animal icons and are supported by a light, colorful rope: these are perfect to wear daily. Others, like the earrings, make any evening dress look more elegant.
It’s not only the attention towards the details that makes Dexter jewelry unique: in fact, each item is coated in platinum, which increases brightness and which makes it more resistant to oxidation. Usually, this technique is used with white gold and, thus, it’s corroborated; when, instead, it’s used on silver it’s a guarantee of the high quality and careful processing of each item. In fact, the platinum coating not only enhances the beauty, but also the imperfections: this is why each piece must be treated as a true product of high jewelry. The difference stands in the price, which is around €60 – € 300.
In short, if you are looking for a gift or if you want to remember a precise moment, Dexter is what you need. Each ring, bracelet or necklace, in fact, is sold in an elegant box bearing Renata and Raffaella’s motto and recalling that stopping time, now, is possible.

Official website:

Handcrafted Jewel

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