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Discover Via Savona, in the middle of Design District

News > Design | Discover Via Savona, in the middle of Design District

The design district is one of the areas of Milan that has changed more in the last two decades. This is the historic district of the industrial city, which, at the beginning of the twentieth century, testified the real Milan factory life, often shrouded in mist and the train noises coming from Vigevano.

Among the moisture of the mists were visible just a few taverns and clubs after work, meeting for the railway workers of the adjacent Porta Genova Station. There were historical factories like the CGE-Compagnia di Tortona, which specializes in electric motors and especially the large complex Ansaldo, which completely occupied the district via Tortona-via Savona-via Bergognone-via Stendhal; from here came daily trains loaded with goods and materials, with trains that puffed from the smokestacks and made the air unhealthy.

ponte di ferro stazione porta genova


A cross-section of industrial life from those atmospheres a bit gloomy that they would have reminded to a Charles Dickens’ novel, and which so resembled the Londoners industrial districts of the late nineteenth century.

Extemporanea 121


Since 2000th the district is one of the nerve centers of the Fuorisalone, a main event during the Salone del Mobile; here many the designers and industry professionals have made operational headquarters and housing. Today this is one of the most popular area, and, with via Tortona where the ex Ansaldo culture pole the Base with trendy bars and restaurants especially crowded it week.

Arts, design and nightlife

cinema mexico in Milan


With trendy bars, restaurants, galleries of arts and many crowded stores mainly in the week, via Savona was one of the ones that has been renewed. Among the art and design spaces we want point out the Spazio Papel, which mainly organizes exhibitions of comic books, and the library ExTemporanea 121; headquarters of the publishing house Corraini, this space is also art gallery and is always open to artists, illustrators and international designers where they can create books and projects. Among his many collaborations he stands out with Bruno Munari; the great Italian artist and intellectual has worked for many years with Corraini who printed many of his books.

Discover Via Savona, in the middle of Design District


But Via Savona is also especially nightlife. For those who love the beer we recommend the English pub “Al Confine”, a historic brewery in this district, and for the cocktail bars we suggest the Frog Cafe, Pitch One and Papagayo Cafe. Here the ritual of the “Milanese” aperitif, where you can also dine, has a long tradition. Via Savona it is also known for the famous film Mexico, which for more than thirty years projects a Rocky Horror Picture Show “animated ” version , with dancers and actors interacting with the public; difficult to explain in words but absolutely recommended.

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