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Enjoy a shopping experience like no other at DesignCircus X-Mas

News > Design | Enjoy a shopping experience like no other at DesignCircus X-Mas

April is a very important month for Milan; it’s the month of the Salone del Mobile, which is still the most important design event in Italy, which attracts enthusiasts, professionals or just curious people from all around the world. But the design art is present in Milan in another important event.

Just this month will be held the third edition of DesignCircus X-Mas.
The event is organized by the DesignCircus promoters, whose nine editions have had a great success with audiences and critics, and that has now been placed in a permanent position among the main event in Milan.

The 2016 edition of DesignCircus X-Mas, came at its third edition, will be held on the weekend of 26th and 27th November at the new venue of the Atelier Corso Como 5, in the Porta Nuova district; an important area of Milan, very changed in recent years, which will host an event that involved in the previous editions more than 300 designers from all over Italy.

Unique items made by talented designers

Hora pillows


There are many designers, rich in creativity and talent, but they cannot find visibility in this environment. DesignCircus X-Mas, as the traditional DesignCircus, wants to be a reference point for these young professionals who produce every day and believe in what they do. The goal of DesignCircus is to give space to all those creative people.

Sponsored by the City of Milan, in this event you can buy lamps, sculptures, and works of contemporary art, frames, vases, tableware, mirrors, porcelain, furniture and objects.

This year will be 21 designers, artists and small producers attending the event.

Stoble Hora design product


Among the objects in the X-Mas Edition DesignCircus there is Hora. The Barbara Bottazzini’s brand is a creative workshop that manufactures high craftsmanship objects, innovative technologies, and shows a great passion for design. Their products want to be a tribute to the Helvetica font that is present in all objects.

One of its creations is the Stoble, a stool that can be used in many ways: as a nightstand, as a side table next to the sofa or even a magazine rack for the leaving room. The Strobe pillow is made by faux leather whiles the structure by bamboo certificate or toulipier. Among the other brands we mention Art Fridge, Chiara Charlemagne, Daniel Cima, David Del Gallo, Emanuel Bullita, Emanuela Sala, Fabbrica15, Francesca Schiavoni, Glass Made, Interno99.

All DesignCircus X-Mas participants will be coordinated by the creators of the event, The designer Stefano Epis and PR Laura Alberti, and during the festival tell and present to the public their creations and their art and design idea.

Enjoy a shopping experience like no other at DesignCircus X-mas


You can also use the DesignCircus X-Mas app, downloadable from the main app stores online, conceived to help you to shopping the displayed at the atelier of Corso Como.
The DesignCircus X-Mas on Saturday will be open until midnight, with the possibility then go shopping after dinner.

Website of the event:

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