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Art & History

Fermo Immagine: the Museum of Movie Posters in Milan

News > Art & History | Fermo Immagine: the Museum of Movie Posters in Milan

Adriano Celentano is a famous Italian singer born in 1938 in Milan, in an area that was once rural and that became famous thanks to his song Ragazzo della via Gluck. Celentano saw his origins in the well-known via Gluck, a road that takes outside the center of Milan. Its looks have enormously changed during the years: from rural, it has become a pretty crowded area, also due to its proximity to the railway station.

However, by walking on the road, you’ll find yourself in a more silent and quiet neighborhood. When you’ll reach number 45, you’ll notice a wall covered with murals and with the sign Museo Fermo Immagine. Cross the threshold and you’ll find a magic world, where movie posters are the real protagonists: it’s the one and only museum of movie posters in Italy.

Giampietro, Picasso and changings

Fermo Immagine, the Museum of Movie Posters in Milan

Picasso will welcome you in the museum, furring and stretching. The black and white cat is the real museum keeper: he wanders around the yard, knows every hideout and has found out the best spots where to take a nap. It’ll take you to Giampietro Lessio, the Museum owner.
Wrinkled face, kind eyes and hands continuously moving: Giampietro is welcoming and answers to our questions with enthusiasm. Once, Lessio was a photographer and the place in Via Gluck 45 was nothing but his atelier. With the passing of time, he became more and more interested in the movie scene. Not in the whole scene: his attention was particularly drawn by movie posters that represent both the movie and the era in which it was released.

He started collecting photos and posters, he removed all the lights and the photographic sets of the atelier and he rearranged the space: from photo set to poster museum. “In your life, you need to change” Lessio tells us “Otherwise, you get stacked. And that’s not life”.

What you can see at the museum

Movie posters collection

Credits photo:

As soon as you enter the museum, you’ll find yourself in front of a small hall. A counter with leaflets and gadgets stands beside to the stock of posters you can buy and bring home with you. Behind a mirror, there’s a café bearing the name of Caffé degli Ignoranti (Ignorant café) and dedicated to singer Adriano Celentano who made the road famous in 1966 thanks to his song. The café is full with posters from Celentano’s movies (yes, he’s also an actor) and quotes from his songs.

The museum is made of two rooms, both wide and literally covered with movie posters.
When we say literally, we are not exaggerating. There is no empty space on the walls, every inch is covered with posters both belonging to old movies and to the most recent ones. There are over 50.000 items, some of them hanged, others lying on the tables.
Moreover, you’ll also find movie installations, like a real size Cat Woman and a dragon.

You can visit the museum by booking a visit or during one of the many events that take place in it during the week. When you’ll go there, keep in mind to stop at the toilet: posters are there as well, and they’ve been chosen with the aim to make you giggle!

Museum website:

What to see at Movie posters museum

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