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Fiordiponti Bakery & Café, the Liguria flavors in Milan

News > Food | Fiordiponti Bakery & Café, the Liguria flavors in Milan

Liguria region has many attractions: above all its sea and the beaches, just a couple of hours far from Milan.
Liguria also means a centuries old culinary tradition renowned all round the world. In Milan there is a place where to taste this tradition: Fiordiponti Bakery & Café will make you discover the flavors and Ligurian delicacies without leaving the center.

From Santa Margherita to Isola

Fiordiponti Bakery & Café, the Liguria flavors in Milan


Fiordiponti’s bakery is set at Santa Margherita, a stunning town on the Liguria western coast.

It was an Alberto Fiordiponti’s idea, the owner, to open two bakeries in Milan. With the help of two Milanese entrepreneurs, he could carry out his plan; now you can enjoy the top street food delights during your stay in the Fashion Capital.

Milan Street Food


The 2 stylish cafés are located in Viale Monte Nero 5 (Porta Romana district) and Via Pollaiolo, in the trendy neighborhood of Isola, not too far from Via Thaon di Revel, the motorcycle district in Milan. One of the main reasons that the popularity Liguria is increasing is also the appreciation for its cuisine and its products as well as its beautiful natural landscapes.

fiordiponti bakery in MIlan


At the Fiordiponti Bakery & Café you can taste the best of Liguria culinary culture: the delicious focaccia “genovese”, the famous Recco focaccia, a soft cheese pie called “Pasqualina” cake, but also dishes like the “trofie” with pesto and the “pansoti” in walnut sauce.

Restaurants in Milan


The secret of Fiordiponti success is the quality of ingredients, exclusively coming from Liguria:
Extra virgin olive oil, flour and baking powder guarantee the same Santa Margherita bakery’s quality.
Besides take-away service, from Monday to Saturday, the Fiordiponti Bakery & Cafés are also open for breakfast and lunch, offering a menu with a wide choice.
If you like aperitifs, we recommend to try a street food appetizer along with your favorite wine, cocktail or beer. Enjoy the foodie side of Milan!

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