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Flea markets in Milan and other small markets to see

News > Eventi | Flea markets in Milan and other small markets to see

During the weekends, the people of Milan have a unique destination.
The weather doesn’t matter. If it rains, they’ll bring an umbrella with them; if it’s hot they’ll carry tons of bottles of water. During the weekends, fully equipped and 100% ready, the people of Milan go to the market. But only to specific markets: read on to find out which!

Bargains at the Viale Papiniano market

Papiniano Market in Milan

It’s probably the most famous market in Milan and it’s super easy to reach. Just catch the green line and get off at S. Agostino.
As soon as you reach the surface, you’ll be overwhelmed by a flock of vendors trying to lure you with their unbeatable offers.
The Viale Papiniano market is your number one option if you are looking for a cheap, yet interesting bargain. As a matter of fact, here you’ll find inexpensive shoes, jackets and dresses. The quality is fine, some of the items belong to old fashionable collections, and others are handmade, like the flower crowns and some jewelry.
And if you’ll get hungry – and we assure you, you will – the fried chicken kiosk will make your bellies happy!
Every Saturday, from 07.30 am to 5.00 pm

The brands of Via Fauchè

Fauchè Small Market Milan

You wanted that Prada dress so badly. But it was way too expensive for your finances. And the cashiers were so unkind that you decided to forget about it. Fact is, you cannot forget about it. You keep dreaming it. Well: fear no more! The Via Fauchè market is here precisely to help you fulfill this dream of yours. In fact, its stalls expose fashionable items that cost a little less than the ones you’ll find in the stores.
On top of that, you’ll be shopping only a couple of steps away from the Arch of Peace and the Sempione Park, two amazing Milanese attractions.
Every Saturday, from 7.30 am to 2.00 pm.

London comes to Milan: the East Market

East Market Milan

Although been something super recent, the East Market has already made citizens and tourists fall in love with it. The reason is simple: it takes as a source of inspiration the East London markets, those attended by fashionable, quirky trend-setters in look for a new hat. People come to the East Market eager to find a vintage dress, an old vinyl, black and white tapes and handmade binding books. And, they find it easily!
Moreover, the location is as surprising as the items. The East Market takes place inside a World War II building, connoted by its decadent look.

There’s no fixed date. You’ll have to do like the Milanese would: visit the official website, or the Facebook page, and bail any other invitation!

The Duomo’s flavors

Flea markets in Milan and other small markets

Recently, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele has witnessed a renovation process. Nobody could have imagined how it would have ended. Enter through the Autogrill doors: if you climb the stairs down, you’ll enter a brand new bookshop; by climbing them up, you’ll enter a new world, made of genuine tastes and natural ingredients.
It’s the Mercato del Duomo, a market where special foods are sold. With special we mean all the products here are 100% OGM free, handmade and more delicious than ever.
You’ll taste the finest breads, shortcuts and cakes. It’s the perfect choice if you wish to stroll around market stalls on a rainy day.

Rotonda della Besana market

Rotonda della Besana typical market

If, on the other hand, it’s sunny, you shouldn’t miss the Rotonda della Besana market.

Near Cinque Giornate Square, there’s this ancient, originally looking building that once hosted a cemetery. Today, it treasures the MUBA, the museums for children, and every two Saturdays it opens its doors also to a market organized by a local Milanese radio. Its aim is simple: to show and sell organic products, in a chilled and wonderful atmosphere.

By eating one carrot, orange, piece of chocolate or slice of salame, you’ll discover a new, forgotten flavor. The one you thought to be able to find only in the countryside. Well, think again: this market and its natural flavors are in the center of the city!

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