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Gin Rosa, a cocktail Made in Milan

News > Food | Gin Rosa, a cocktail Made in Milan

Everyday Corso Vittorio Emanuele is very busy; it is one of the most popular shopping streets and many tourists use to wander in this pedestrian street plentiful of cafes and popular franchising clothes shops. The San Babila area also resembles a small the City of London, where the offices are empty and an almost unreal silence reigns. Gin Rosa is right there behind, Galleria San Babila.

We’re talking about a real Milanese institution, a piece of Milan’s history which, unfortunately over the years, has lost some pieces. Gin Rosa is one of the oldest in the city, survived the fascist period and the bombings of World War II. Born as the Bottiglieria del Leone, this place was known as “Bottiglieria Canetta”, from the owner’s name, Maurizio Canetta. From the beginning of the 900 wanted the wine bar went thought a considerable renew by furnishing and design wanted by another owner Luigi Donini.

After the succession of management even the variety of cocktails changed; from Costume Canetta, sweetish drink made of distilled wormwood flowers, to Mistura Donini, the same but with the addition of Bitter, until arriving in 1950, when the Donini sold the business to Marangione family, that will give life to the legendary Gin Rosa, from which the local took the final name. Since 1999 Francesco and Nicoletta De Luca took running of the wine bar and, with Camparino, it is one of the most famous bars of the historic center.

From cocktails to a traditional cuisine

Gin Rosa cocktail Made in Milan

Gin Rosa is an aperitif made with 25 herbs drink shaken with ice; it’s used by the base for other drinks like the “Rosa alla Fragola”, the “Spritz Rosa” with Prosecco or the “American Rosa” by Vermouth and Angostura.

But the wine bar also offers other versions such as the “Rosajito” with crushed orange or the “Tonic Rosa” with tonic water. Since 2000 the GinRosa then is produced and sold in the bottle and became a kind of Campari’s brother.
But the GinRosa is not just a wine for aperitifs; the chef Massimo Moroni are leading the restaurant area.

Gin Rosa historical venue in Milan

Cuisine focused on Lombardy tradition, the restaurant serves revisited Milanese specialties to international customers; a great Italian tradition mixed in a modern way, with a special focus on raw materials, always first choice. Among the original dishes you can enjoy “La spuma al Ginrosa” with beef tournedos. The Gin Rosa organizes also evening-tastings in collaboration with wineries.

Visit Gin Rosa

Credits by: franco

The Gin Rosa is definitely one of the favorites venues from “milanesi,” who use to come here for breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs.

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