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Giolina & Angelo, the goldsmiths of via Solferino

News > Fashion | Giolina & Angelo, the goldsmiths of via Solferino

Via Solferino is a road that runs through the center of the Brera district. The succession of small craft shops, art galleries, designer shops, clothing shops, beautiful cafes and fine restaurants make this quiet street the most Parisian street in Milan, with an atmosphere reminiscent neighborhoods like the Marais.

Via Solferino is well known in Italy because the 28 is the seat of most important Italian newspaper, “Corriere Della Sera”. Just below the headquarters of Corriere there is a small a jewelry store, a workshop, the shop Angelo Mereu and his daughter Giolina, Giolina & Angelo. Their art has Sardinian origins, from Porto Rafael from Northside, birthplace of Angelo and his brothers who, in 1967, decided to move to Milan by opening their first store ever in Via Solferino. Their original goldsmith tradition continues with the new store, which also involves the son Gianmarco, born in 2006 and has become very soon a point of reference for Milanese people.

Angelo Mereu

Credits photo:

Vintage style never out of fashion

Giolina & Angelo, the goldsmiths of via Solferino

Credits photo:

It’s hard to be indifferent from their creations displayed in the window. Amused famous for nylon glazes-made bracelets, their art has over the years perfected and evolved without breaking with the historical tradition. Their style a little vintage creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in gold with an originality that is hard to miss. Many of them have become real “must” and are shown off as a VIP of all kinds, from Italian singers, actors and TV shows personalities.

Their creations, which are bracelets, necklaces or rings, are subtle jewelry, and that their lightness and finesse style is not something negligible. You can find necklaces made with delicate wires and pendants from very meticulous processing; their jewelry have not transcend age and from any passing fad; real cult objects regardless of whether they have the face of angels, hearts or stars.

Mereu Family at their shop

Credits photo:

All this has made their very famous goldsmith craft in Milan. Indeed then their kindness and their helpfulness to listen to the customer needs and fulfill any request is a much appreciated quality, especially by tourists.

Official website of the shop:

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