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Guide to the best tea rooms in Milan

News > Food | Guide to the best tea rooms in Milan

Milan is often labelled by its citizens as the “Milano da bere” which literally means “Milan to drink”.

But, what shall you drink in Milan? We have already suggested you 7 places where to have a nice cocktail in Milan. However, locals don’t always quench their thirst with sophisticated bubbles. Sometimes, especially in the coldest months, they like to withdraw in a tea room and to hold in their hands a steaming cup. Among the new openings and the traditional ventures, here’s a guide to the best tea rooms in Milan.

First art, then tea

Guide to the best tea rooms in Milan

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We don’t know what its purpose was during the Savoia’s reign: maybe it was the suitor’s waiting room, or the closet where saddles were put. Today, it’s the tea room of Palazzo Reale.

A small place spreading over two floors: the Giacomo café welcomes its visitors with its soft lights and its elegant tables. Because of its unique location, just before the Palazzo Reale staircase, it is a place where artistic and culinary cultures meet. You can sip tea of the prestigious Mariages Frères selection while leafing through the catalogs of the exhibitions of the past 25 years or gazing over the dessert table.

The best time to go to Giacomo is during a Saturday the live music will accompany your afternoon and the 12- euro dessert buffet will overshadow any happy hour.

For cat lovers only

cat bistrot in Milan

If you know that the perfect pair is hot tea + sweet purring cat, then you are about to fall in love:
the Crazy Cat Café is a unique place of Milan, where you can taste original infusions surrounded
by lovely cats.
Be ready to use both your hands: one to hold the cup of tea, the other one to cuddle Mina, Patty or
the other cuties that walk around.

You’ll be able to choose from many different infusions, from the classic ones to the most original,
like the one with pistachio and fig: you’ll love it!



For eclectic drinkers

Teiera eclettica

In 2004, the Teiera Eclettica (Eclectic Teapot) opened in Piazzale Bacone. The space was small and only dwelled by boxes of tea, cups and mixers. There was no room to taste one of the infusions: it was just a shop, quite welcoming and discreet.

Today, the owners of the Teapot Eclectic, Barbara and Steven, have revolutionized it: they have expanded it and added a kitchen, tables and chairs. Thus, the Teiera Eclettica has become a real tea room.

Upon entering, you will notice the numberless jars containing the leaves behind the counter. Barbara welcomes its customers smiling: she opened the jars to allow us to distinguish the different scents and she packed some Yin Zhen, the white tea produced in the Chinese province of Fujian. If you want, you can accompany your cup with a culinary delicacy, such as sweet muffin or the tea-based biscuits.

Once finished, stroll around the room looking for something to take home with you. On the shelves you will find an infinite number of products, from the classics to the most extravagant, such as the matcha, the large cup meant for tea powder, or the tea leaves that, once placed in boiling water, open up and take the shape of a flower.

The art of greeting and sipping

Arte del ricevere a Milano

Near Corso Indipendenza, in Via Macedonio Melloni, there is the Milanese landmark for tea lovers. It’s not a tea room; it’s rather a shop where the rituality behind the gestures of making a cup of tea is cultivated.

Waiting and sharing are the Arte del Ricevere‘s (Art of greeting) true values. Infusions fill the atmosphere with their scent and the teapots displayed on the shelves give a hint of sophisticated elegance to the rooms. There’s something for everyone, even for the less experienced: rooibos, anise tea and black Indian.

Taste one while having a look at the accessories that will enrich you tea-break once you get back home.

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