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Art & History

House-museums in Milan: visiting Villa Necchi

News > Art & History | House-museums in Milan: visiting Villa Necchi

Via Mozart is located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Milan. Between Via Serbelloni and Via Vivaio, also known as the Quadrilateral Del Silenzio, where among the others there is Villa Invernizzi, Via Mozart is known as the road where Villa Necchi Campiglio is set.

Designed in the Thirties by the will of Angelo Campiglio, his wife and sister in law Gigina Necchi Nedda Necchi, Villa Necchi is synonymous with other Italian bourgeoisie. The Necchi fact, industrial from the province of Pavia, were the masters of the company that invented the sewing machines and still leads their name. The company, immediately after the war, had contributed greatly to the revival of the Italian manufacturing industry. The family moved to Milan and fitted immediately in the aristocracy environments Ambrose, participating to the commitments to which they were invited to participate and to organize some very successful meetings in the living rooms of their villa.

villa necchi esterni

The villa was designed by architect Piero Portaluppi, and after the war, his production was entrusted to Tomaso Buzzi. Since 2001, at the behest of the Necchi family, the villa was donated to FAI (Italian Environment Fund), fund that deals with treating and preserving Italian heritage throughout the national territory. Since 2008, Villa Necchi is open to the public, so you can admire its beauty and the art works kept inside.

villa-necchi-campiglio interni 2

A journey in the Thirties

The architecture of the villa and its furnishings Thirties give the whole architectural project an absolute value of modernity. The villa is very different from other house museums who you may visit in Milan such as Palace Poldi Pezzoli Via Manzoni. The dwelling is a family house, with garden, tennis club and swimming pool. His style is influenced by the rising Rationalism of the early Twentieth century, and its interior is characterized by elements deco’ style. In addition to its furniture that can be seen between the first and second floors, Villa Necchi houses the art collection of Alighiero de ‘Micheli. Textile prestigious Industrial, Alighiero de ‘Micheli was always a great art collector and wanted to donate his collection for common good. The collection includes over 130 masterpieces of the eighteenth century; Paintings by Canaletto and Tiepolo, French furniture, Italian ceramics, rare and precious Chinese porcelain miniatures by Jean Baptiste Isabey.

Villa-Necchi museo

The other collection that you can visit is to Claudia Gian Ferrari. Popular gallerist and promoter of avant-garde theater, the 44 works donated to the FAI are pieces of sculpture, painting and Italian graphic art of the twenties of the twentieth century. Among these masterpieces such as “La famiglia del pastore” by Sironi, the “Ritratto di Alfredo Casella” by Giorgio de Chirico’, “L’amante morta di Arturo Martini” and two “Nature Morte” Morandi. They are also works by Futurist avant-garde such as “Compenetrazione iridescente” by Balla, “Studio per Il lutto” by Boccioni and works by Jean Arp, Gianni Dova, Lucio Fontana, Roberto Crippa and René Magritte.

villa necchi interni

In the garden there is a café; quiet, behind the small pool you get to an outbuilding overlooking the tennis courts in the space that once housed the conservatory. A perfect space for a quiet afternoon in the open air.

The villa is open from Wednesday to Sunday and the visit takes place in groups.

For any further information about house-museums in Milan, click HERE.

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