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Maison Goto, a fashion boutique on Corso di Porta Ticinese

News > Fashion | Maison Goto, a fashion boutique on Corso di Porta Ticinese

The name of the boutique we recommend today is Maison Gotō. A French word united to fashion followed by the most common Japanese surname, Gotō precisely. On the window its symbol is a black isosceles triangle with the tip pointing down, an icon that seems to attract passers-by curiosity. A small tasteful vintage shop in the heart of Navigli district at Corso di Porta Ticinese 103, in which the protagonists are bags, shoes and suits contemporary and refined style.

The name of this boutique evokes a trip that ideally starts in France and ends in Asia. The owners are always looking for new designers and new brands and styles to be very original and innovative. This is the philosophy behind Maison Goto, where you can find clothing for men and women, and offering an assortment constantly evolving, and also offering limited edition garments.

Maison Goto, a fashion boutique on Corso di Porta Ticinese


Style and sophistication in a fashion boutique

what to buy on Maison Goto in Milan


The boutique offers a wide range of garments, from women’s clothing in perfect 50’s style, to unique and quirky accessories. Among the brands in the store you can find Chirivì, Relive, Ema Eviler, Mamuut Denim, Minimal, Pentagramme and many others. By browsing in the store, you can find unisex silk shirts with floral prints made by hand with unique fabrics, the baroque t-shirts and sweatshirts with prints of artistic works or religious themes, and a range of highly original oversized sweaters.

The boutiques offer international and emerging brands, the result of continuous research, such as the Brazilian brand Melissa, became famous for its antibacterial PVC shoes, which you can find several models. But for shoes from Maison Gotō there are also pieces from famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and the Campana brothers to name a few, even in male version.

Even for sneakers the boutique is unique in kind: there are limited editions such as those of Ylati Footwear. You can also find suede boots with a heel and metal tip of Fame, polka dot dancers, or the much sought Medusa clutch designed by Gili Rozin. It will be hard for you to resist the temptation to try the bizarre hats in the store.

Fashion Shopping in Milan


The boutique also offers garments for male customers, who can indulge with printed shirts and sweatshirts, but also find pants or very original clothes. In short Maison Gotō is not just a clothing store, it is something more ambitious. Here you can explore and discover a world apart, a very different shopping malls that done in the shops.

Buy from Maison Gotō means buying something unique, a shopping experience that is typical of Milan.

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