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Milan’s fusion restaurants

News > Food | Milan’s fusion restaurants

We bet that, when reading the word fusion, you have immediately thought about a japanese-chinese restaurant, where uramaki California come together with spring rolls. We’re sure we’ve won our bet. Truth is, fusion does not only relate to Asian traditions. On the other side, it stands for a kind of cuisine where different gastronomical cultures merge together and find a new life in a multitude of perfectly paired colors and flavors. In such a cosmopolitan city like Milan, this happens a lot.
Meet the best fusion restaurants of the city!

Ciriboga, food and colors in via Savona

Ciriboga ristorante fusion

Credits photo:

If you look for it online, you might be disappointed: as a matter of fact, you won’t find much about it, apart from great reviews. Ciriboga lives outside of the virtual space: it lives in its street, via Savona, and everyone in the neighborhood knows it.

Two windows, a black sign and the red and white logo: this fusion restaurant is attended by both locals and curious who want to perch over the trees at the entrance. What they find when they get in is a small and colorful place, furnished in a simple, yet elegant way. Wooden tables, different-looking chairs, a blackboard, flowers and plants are part of Ciriboga and make its atmosphere chilled and special. A blue door, with a red heart in the middle, takes to the kitchen, where chefs are always eager to experiment and to mix together ingredients of different cultures.
One example? The mango gazpacho!

Exotic spices and Italian tradition: Calù

Menù fusion Calù Milano

Halfway between a takeaway and a restaurant, Calù stands behind Parco Sempione, in Via Cesare Cesariano: it overlooks the pedestrian square with its tables and its blossoms.

Calù chef and owner is Luca Marongiu. He is 40 years old and his résumé is full of gastronomic entries. As a matter of fact, he first worked as a chef, and later as a restaurant entrepreneur: thanks to this duplicity of his, he has a great knowledge of what should and should not be done in a kitchen. It’ s Luca, together with a group of cooks, who manage Calù’s kitchen and come up with traditional Italian dishes, savored and embellished with exotic spices. The result? Salads, pastas and burgers like you’ve never tasted before.

Calù ristorante fusion

When the stylist met the chef: Nobu

Ristorante di Armani a Milano

The stylist is nobody but the King of the catwalks, Giorgio Armani. And the chef is the Emperor of Sushi, Nobu. Their union has given way to one of the trendiest clubs in Milan, behind Monte Napoleone. Recently renovated, today Nobu welcomes its customers in a space where the color black dominates with its sobriety and elegance.

Red chairs and the long white counter perfectly fit in the atmosphere and play a game of contrasts that gives a glimpse of the stylist’s touch. The fusion, however, is not only that of two creative minds, but also and foremost that of two culinary traditions. Nobu does not only prepare the freshest sushi in town: tempura rolls, caramelized black cod, yellowtail tartar with caviar are only a few of the plates you can find in here.

All of this, of course, in the sign of elegance.

Nobu fusion restaurant in Milan

The Asian inn with big trees: Shambala

Dove mangiare fusion a Milano

This is how Shambala describes itself: an Asian inn, in the middle of a huge, beautiful garden. Inside the restaurant, the warm hues and the balanced and exotic furnishings are the real protagonists. At least, until you enter the kitchen.

Here, the show is carried out by Asian flavors: not a single cuisine, but several oriental ones that merge together and find a new way of expressing themselves. If it’s sunny and warm enough, take a chance to eat outside: you’ll feel miles away from the city hustle and bustle.

The temple of Milan

Ristorante Al tempio d'oro

Although the name it bears, Al Tempio d’Oro (Golden Temple) is not a worship place. It’s a restaurant located near the red metro stop of Pasteur, only a few steps away from Piazzale Loreto. Al Tempio d’Oro is quite big and is furnished in an extremely sober way, with large wooden tables that can accommodate big groups. You can choose whether to have an aperitivo or a proper dinner: in any case, you’ll taste extravagant dishes coming from the most disparate culture.

Milan’s fusion restaurants

If fusion is not in your wheelhouse, and you wish to learn something more on the typical Milanese cuisine, then have a look at the article we have written on the typical dishes of Milan’s tradition!

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