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Milan’s itinerary on the Navigli district

News > Eventi | Milan’s itinerary on the Navigli district

Spring has sprung in Milan. It’s easy to understand by the blossomed trees and, most of all, by the pictures of blossomed trees that populate any Instagram newsfeed.
However, Milan is not Tokyo and, rather than with blossomed cherry trees, spring is especially associated with another force of nature, this one typically Milanese: the Navigli, the canals.
With the arrival of the warm weather, in fact, the Navigli can be navigated once more and. This year, after the Darsena renewal works the itinerary suggested is incredible stunning-

A cruise through the Navigli: the new Darsena itinerary

Milan itinerary on the Navigli district

Credits photo:

55 minutes by boat, meant to discover ancient places of historical and cultural interest.
Everything starts from Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4. After a few meters already, you will think you are in some other places, not in Milan anymore.

The landscape, in fact, looks more like Paris or Amsterdam’s: and yet, no, you’re wrong. It’s just another Milan, different from the city you are used to. In no time, you’ll get to the Vicolo dei Lavandai, a short alley considered one of the most peaceful and romantic spots of the entire city. Its name literally means “the washers’ alley”: as a matter of fact, in ancient times, people used to wash their clothes here, on the brellin”, the small stones that are still easy to spot.
Going on, you’ll reach Alzaia Naviglio Grande 66 and the Galloni palace, that is to say the Engraving centre of Milan.

Chiesa San Cristoforo Milan

Credits photo:

A bit further on, you’ll meet St. Christopher church, the fourteenth century masterpiece, where duchesses, kings and emperors used to come by water in Milan.

Once you reach the church, the boat will make a U-turn to come back to the Vicolo dei Lavandai and, passing under a bridge, it’ll take you to the Darsena, once the trade harbour with the Lago Maggiore and, today, brought back to life with the Expo2015 project. Thanks to the works, which lasted over a year, the Darsena has once again become a historic symbol of Milan.

In addition, the works brought to the surface traces of the old waterway network, another symbol of the important role that, once, the stretch of water used to have.

Here, the route schedules.
May – September: Monday – Thursday, at 14:40, 15:45, 16:50, 17:55. Friday – Sunday and holidays: 10:40, 11:45, 12:50, 14:40, 15:45, 16:50, 17:55.
June-August: the timetable is the same, but night cruises are organized as well.
Fee: adults € 14, children € 10.

For further information: 029094242 or

Credits photo:

The night itinerary

Another itinerary has been organized on the canals which, at the end, leads directly to a restaurant where you can disembark and dinner. Better, therefore, not to suffer from seasickness.

Boarding is at 19:30, once more in Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4. The route is the same of the one we have previously told you about, but, once you get to the San Cristoforo sul Naviglio church, the boat won’t make a U-turn, but will rather go ahead till Trezzano sul Naviglio. You’ll disembark at 20:30 in front of a restaurant, where you can taste typical dishes of the Lombardy region, such as risotto or polenta.

The restaurants which have agreed upon the initiative are the Osteria del Ponte and the Kitchen Eleven.

Typical Milanese recipeCredits photo:

The departure is guaranteed only with a minimum of 25 participants and a maximum of 48. The fee for the dinner and the boat itinerary is 55€.

Credits preview photo:

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