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Art & History

Monza Villa Reale: a daytrip outside Milan

News > Art & History | Monza Villa Reale: a daytrip outside Milan

Northern Milan hinterland is the access to Monza and Brianza, one of the most important economic centers of the north Italy and of the Europe. This is the land of writers like Parini and Stendhal, who lived here most part of his life. Monza is a small and beautiful city, lively and rich in history, which has roman roots, elected by Lombardics like their capital. Among the architectural works are worth wide to be see the cathedral, built by behest of the Lombardic queen Teodolinda and hosts its eponymous museum; here are stored the Iron Crown, the chapel of Teodolinda , as well as the Cathedral treasures, which the historical value is priceless.

A royal history

villa reale in Monza

Credits foto:

Monza has two symbols; one is the racetrack and its Grand Prix F1 calls from all over the world a flood of fans, the other is Villa Reale.

Inside the Park of Monza, the Villa Reale is a place of imported suggestion and who linked his past to noble families and to crucial historical figures. Built by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria between 1777 and 1780, the Royal Villa was originally the summer residence for his son Ferdinand of Habsburg, governor general of the Austrian Lombardy.

During the Napoleonic period with the coronation of Napoleon in 1805, the Villa became the residence of his stepson, Eugene de Beauharnais. After the fall of the napoleon power the Villa passed to the Austrians’ hands, which left it for a few years in a state of relative neglect, until in 1818 with the viceroy of the Lombardo-Veneto Giuseppe Ranieri’s takeover.

Occupied in 1848 by the soldiers of Radetzky, between 1857 and 1859 the palace returned to being home to an opulent court during the short stay in Monza last representative of the house of Austria, Maximilian I of Habsburg, brother of Franz Joseph. After the unification of Italy it became the residence of the Villa Umberto I of Savoy, and in 1934 the king Vittorio Emanuele III donated it to the city of Monza and Milan.

Villa Reale in Monza at night

Credits foto:

What to see at the Villa

Monza Villa Reale: a daytrip outside Milan

Like the Villa Reale in Milan, Monza Villa Reale has also a central body to which were added two side wings and two sections for the servants and the stables. The court theater is set in the side wing of the Villa Reale. It is a real small theater built primarily of wood.

Located in the southern part of the left wing is the “Serrone”, the big greenhouse that, between 1818 and 1848, has been repeatedly implemented with orchids, camellias, azaleas, roses and plants from New Holland. Also inside the villa you can admire the Rotonda, a unique architectural element of circular shape, with Carrara marble floor. Outside the Villa you can admire the vastness of the Park of Monza, built in 1805 by Emperor Napoleon who he wanted a bigger park than the Château de Versailles. The park is still the largest enclosed park in Europe, with a wall of 14 km long and it includes within it farmland, roads, farms and villas.

To discover and learn more about Villa of Monza and all its location you can book guided tours. Furthermore, the structure, throughout the year, is the scene of events, exhibitions and concerts often in collaboration with the cultural institutions of Milan. In addition there is a lounge bar open daily for breakfast, lunch, aperitifs and after dinner. In practice, a visit to the Villa could be a pleasant evening.

How to get to Villa Reale in Monza

Reggia di Monza, cosa vedere in un giorno

Monza is about 15 km from Milan and is easily reached by car from the northern suburbs, but we recommend taking the trains from all major stations (Centrale Station, Garibaldi Station and Cadorna Station). The stop for the Villa is “Monza FS”, that is about 2 km for a 20 minute walking.


Credits preview photo: By MarkusMark (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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