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Night Life

Nightlife in Milan, a guide for travelers

News > Night Life | Nightlife in Milan, a guide for travelers

Trendy means something on everyone’s lips, fashionable, with the WOW factor.
Something, in other words, that shouldn’t be difficult to find in Milan.
And, in fact, it is not. But, just as there are different types of people living in Milan, there are also different types of trendy places in the city: there is the alternative one; the perfect for the over thirty; the new district everybody loves, the disco perfect for those who love heels and white shirts and the one for those who prefer Converse and jeans.

Read on to discover the neighbourhoods and the trendiest places to live the real Milanese nightlife!

Nightlife in Milan: the Isola district

What it was once the working class district of Milan, separated from the city by the railway station of Porta Garibaldi and the Martesana channel, is nowadays one of the trendiest districts of the city.
The construction of the MM5 underground allowed the district to become easily accessible, and this has led to the opening of many locals.
Reach Via Pollaiuolo to witness the Isola nightlife. During happy hour, the street is filled with people chatting and holding a beer. Be careful: get rid of your tie and opt for flat shoes. The look here is casual, with an eye to stylish details.
The places you cannot miss are: Anche Bar, at the beginning of Via Pollaiuolo, which is also a bakery; Frida, with its large garden and its absinthe cocktails; the Malibu, cosy and lovely.
If you love jazz music, head to the Blue Note, the true temple of jazz, featuring always exceptional line-ups.

Blue Note

The glamour of Milan: Garibaldi and Corso Como

Put on your best shirt or your heels and get ready for a walk in Corso Como.
It is here, in fact, that will start your glam night out, in one of the most famous streets of Milan, frequented by models, footballers and celebrities. Stop in one of the rooms along the Corso for a drink, as the Pitbull or the Dom Café or reach the end of Corso Como, Corso Garibaldi and drink a glass of wine at the Enoteca Moscatelli.
Happy and smiling (thank you wine!) you are now ready for your night on the tips. You can choose among many locals. We recommend the Loolapaloosa, Coyote Ugly style and Hollywood, open until 5. If you were to leave the club hungry, no problem: give Princi a go, open until late at night during the weekends.


Navigli: no need to choose between a dry martinis and a beer

If you are in Milan with a heterogeneous group and it seems impossible to please everyone’s tastes, then your best shot is to spend the evening at the Navigli.
Start with a walk along the Darsena: everyone will love it.

Continue, then, on the Navigli. For the classiest among you, we recommend Rita, the No. 1 cocktail bar of Milan. For those who prefer a beer and a dance, head to Cox 18, in Via Conchetta.
If you want to go dancing all together, the Rocket is your best choice: open from Thursday until Sunday, it offers unique events, ranging from hip hop to indie music.


Bonus: two more places for your Milanese night out

Apart from the aforementioned districts, we suggest you also try:
Tunnel. It is located behind the Central Station and the name explains its origins: where once congregated crowds waiting for a train, now youngsters line up to order a beer.
Go there if you like electronic music.
Jamaica. One of the hotspots in Milan, perfect for a drink in the fashionable and artistic heart of Milan, Brera. Jamaica meets any type of tastes, whether you prefer a glass of wine or a fine cocktail.

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