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Art & History

Palazzina Liberty, the home of classical music in Milan

News > Art & History | Palazzina Liberty, the home of classical music in Milan

The Art Nouveau was a style of art that was popular in the late XIX and early XX centuries. It has influenced the birth of the architectural movement that brought that name.
In Milan, such as other European cities such as Glasgow, Nancy, Barcelona but also Rome or Turin, you can find many Art Nouveau buildings so that we could organize a sightseeing tour to admire the beauty of their facades.
Among the most stunning palaces there is the Palazzina Liberty.

It is set into a city park that overlooks Corso XXII Marzo, in the eastern side of the city. At the early XX century it was part of Verziere, the historic “Milanese” market, where the Palazzina Liberty has been a resting place, with a café and a restaurant inside.

Once the market was moved, the Palazzina Liberty remained in a state of semi-abandonment that lasted until the seventies. For a period the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo Theater Company used it for their rehearsals. Once renovated in the nineties, the Palazzina Liberty regained a new and important role; the home of the Orchestra da Camera Milano Classica concerts and, since 1993, it’s the main place for the Milan classical music.

Palazzina Liberty, the home of classical music in Milan


Must go events at Palazzina Liberty

The Palazzina Liberty houses yearly the Liederìadi Festival. This festival celebrated its ten-year history in 2015 and obtained a great success. Before moving permanently to the Palazzina Liberty, the Liederìadi Festival was hosted in other Milan venues such as Bramante’s Sacristy, besides the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie. It’s the only Italian festival dedicated to chamber vocal music.

The quality of the festival has always been very high, especially thanks its artistic director and founder, the tenor Cristiano Mirko Guadagnini, who he always preferred the great composers monographs, as well as the 2016/2017 season program includes reinterpretations of works by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij and Franz Schubert.

Among the events at the Palazzina Liberty it is also worth mentioning the activities of La Risonanza, one of the most important Italian orchestras. Composed by many musicians, La Risonanza plays a repertoire from Handel’s to the Johann Sebastian Bach’s, with particular attention to the symphonies of the eighteenth-century composition.
The Palazzina Liberty has also collaborated with other important classical music festivals, like the MITO festival.

Dove vedere i concerti di musica classica a Milano


MITO, which happens every September between Milan and Turin, promotes the classical music in Italy. MITO last edition choose the Palazzina Liberty as a venue for several concerts and surely it will be chose again for the 2017 season.

Also the Cantosospeso Association, which promotes the choral music in Italy, organizes its performances at the Palazzina Liberty every years leading by Italian-Brasilian music director Martinho Luther Galatians De Oliveira.

The Palazzina Liberty has been become the home of classical music in Milan, even for its extraordinary acoustic sound. Among the events are upcoming we suggest the Liederìadi Festival concert “Čaikovskij, fanciullo di vetro” on February 19th and La Risonanza “Bach – A Solo” on 16th February.

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