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Peck, the gourmet temple in Milan

News > Food | Peck, the gourmet temple in Milan

Its symbol is a sun and for more than a century is set in downtown. The story of Peck, the oldest gastronomy of the city, began in 1883. Francis Peck decides that in via Orefici, near the Duomo, it would sort the city’s most prestigious delicatessen and quickly the expectations became reality. In a few years Peck even became the official supplier of the Italian Royal House, its reputation and prestige was growing. Wealthy families from all over Italy become the store’s customer.

Early in this century Peck sold the brand to Eliseo Magnaghi, intellectual and entrepreneur who gives the store a new direction. The new owners decided to give a new image to the shop, transforming even in pasta laboratory; fresh pasta, stuffed and ready meals become, with the classic sausage, a factory logo. In 1930 it even became the seat of a collegiate cultural group, the “Sbafing Club”, which encloses some intellectuals such as Arnaldo Fraccaroli and the great poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Between the fifties and sixties, the years of economic revival after the misery of World War II, Peck passes the Grazioli family, entrepreneurs already established in the city. Between the fifties and sixties, the years of economic revival after the misery of World War II, Peck passed to the Grazioli family, already entrepreneurs established in Milan.

peck gastronomy in Milan


Offices and companies begun to invest in the city, creating jobs and the Peck’s new management gave another directives to the activity; ready meals and takeaway food for those wanted to consume the “lunch break” out the offices. Since 1970 the property passed to the Stoppani family and in 2013 Pietro Marzotto, a member of the aristocratic family of the Marzotto’s, became its owner and under his leadership, a new shop and a restaurant has been opened in Seoul and later other followed in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Peck also took part in EXPO 2015 attending the Italian Pavilion.

An Italian flagship store

Why go to Peck in MIlan


The English language patron would call it “flagship store”: a model, an example to follow.
Here we produce, select, refines, we cook, we deploy, and sell: this is they do. The fillets and cutlets are carefully selected. At Peck you can find Parma, Culatello and the best Iberian hams. Between production salami you don’t miss the famous bresaola, one of the most popular products of the house that is stored and aged in a vault, like a jewelry.

Luxury gourmet food in Milan


In addition to meats and poems Peck offers an excellent assortment of cheeses: sheep cheese, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese and, of course, are also supported by household products such as mozzarella and burrata. Peck cares particularly the gourmet production such as porcini mushrooms, foie gras, truffles, caviar and roe with a large assortment of cakes and the production of homemade ice cream. Not least is the department of infusions such as tea and coffee, selected from the best blends in the world.

Peck torte


Peck also has an excellent wine cellar; red and rosé white, Italian, Spanish, French or from the Americas, with bottles ranging from expensive Barolo delle Langhe or Brunello from Montalcino wines to something cheaper as a great Chardonnay or Pinot.

Peck, the gourmet temple in Milan

Then define a delicatessen Peck is as simplistic and given that, with the restaurant, makes work a hundred employers for a turnover of over 15 million euros for year, it is a real big company. Peck is an institution so for Milan which made it famous in the world.

Peck website:

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