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St. Ambrose Carnival, Milan exclusiveness

News > Eventi | St. Ambrose Carnival, Milan exclusiveness

On February 9, the entire Italy will host and celebrate the Carnival: carts, masks and confetti will fill the squares and the streets of every Italian city, from the big ones to the smaller hamlets. Only a city will not take part in these celebrations: Milan.
As a matter of fact, Milan follows St. Ambrose rite and, therefore, celebrates Carnival on February 13th. This means only one thing: Milan has more time to organize parties and memorable parades!

The tradition of the Milanese carnival

St. Ambrose Carnival, Milan exclusiveness

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We have already written about the importance of Saint Ambrose for the city and its dwellers. Well: we’re about to write a little more. As a matter of fact, the tradition says it was the Saint Patron of the city who delayed the celebrations. Ambrose was engaged in a pilgrimage and he asked the citizens of Milan to wait for his return before starting the liturgies. Therefore, the Carnival celebrations were delayed by a few days and, today, they correspond to the beginning of the Lent period.

However, the real star of the Milanese Carnival is not the Saint, but Meneghino. He represents a kind and witty servant who makes fun of the nobles. Traditionally, he wears a long brown jacket, short pants, red and white stockings and a three-horn hat. During the Cinque Giornate of 1848, he was chosen as the symbol of the city because it retains some of the fundamental values of Milan’s citizens, like hard work and generosity. On the 13th, you’ll be able to spot his mask in the streets of Milan.

Ways to celebrate the Carnival in Milan

Milan Carnival

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During the week of the 13th of February, the city of Milan is overwhelmed by confetti, masks and themed parties. As the tradition dictates, on Saturday 13th, Piazza Duomo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele will be filled with parading costumes. The colours of the confetti and of the wigs will mix with the musical notes and the performances of the jugglers. Put on a quirky make up or rent a dress (for your Carnival outfit we suggest the shop Torriani, in via Mercato 5): you’ll be ready to join the festive crowd!

The fun does not end in Piazza Duomo. At 15.00, in the Piazza Mercato, a new show of the dance school Passione Danza will be held and will amaze the passers-by with Blues Brothers notes and choreographies.

If you’d rather stay in a warm place, don’t worry: the MIC – Interactive Museum of Cinema, has been thinking about you. From 11st to 14th February, in fact, the MIC has organized the screening of a series of dumb movies. The MIC is willing to show how gestures and facial expressions are able to perfectly communicate the emotions of the characters: almost like masks, the smiles of the actors are more powerful than any words. Among the movies scheduled, we want to remark the valuable titles of the great director and mime Jacques Tati.

In Milan, the celebrations do not end with the sunset. Indeed: during Carnival nights, the city is filled with theme parties where you’ll be able to see Harlequins and Witches becoming friends and toasting.
Almost every club organizes theme parties: the most quoted are those of Le Banque, in Via Bassano Porrone 6, and Just Cavalli, in Via Luigi Camoens.

The Santeria Social Club has decided to dedicate to the ’20s its carnival party. 500 people will be invited in a unique ambiance: an orchestra, vintage cars, tap dancers and distillates from the Prohibition era will catapult you in Great Gatsby’s years.

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