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The 10 top romantic places in Milan

News > Eventi | The 10 top romantic places in Milan

Often, Milan seems to come with pigeons on the sidewalks and gray atmopshere. Butterflies in the stomach and pink colors seem to be very distant from the images that the city can offer.
Metaphors aside, in Milan it seems there is no place right to fall in love. Rarely, in fact, we think of Milan as a romantic city. Instead, it is. Find out the right places where you can walk hand in hand to exchange sweet kisses and lose track of time.

1. Brera Botanical Garden

Foto 1

More than a garden, this is a corner of peace and quietness. It is a place that often passersby and tourists ignore, because they are headed to the famous Pinacoteca di Brera.
In the Botanical Garden, a dreamlike silence reigns: this is an ideal venue to whisper sweet words to your partner.

This green oasis is surprising, you can explore the garden following the proposed botanical route to see the flower beds trimmed in brick, the basins dated back to XVIII century now restored. The entrances are at via Brera n. 28, from the courtyard of the Palazzo and at Via Fratelli Gabba 10.

(For details:

2. The Duomo roof

Foto 2

Our tip is to invite your kindred spirit to watch the sunset at Duomo roof (if the sky is clear): the view from the top of Duomo is breathtaking and here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the entire city.

A visit on the Duomo Terraces is one of the most exclusive and romantic experiences that Milan can offer. The Terraces have a surface of 8000 square meters covered with marble Condoglia slabs; you can get to the top by the elevator or climb the 250 steps to the roof.

If you are looking for a really special gift, you can choose to give to your loved one the “adoption” of one of the Duomo 135 spires, by giving it your better half’s name. Visit the website dedicated to this initiative to know more:

3. Fioraio Bianchi


Flowers and love are always the winning combination: what is important is to avoid an ordinary gift. In Milan, at Via Montebello 7, the intense scent of flowers matches the sweetness of a pastry shop. Fioraio Bianchi, in fact, isn’t merely a flower shop, but a very popular café where you can have a cup of tea along with a delicious slice of cake or a cupcake.

What’s better than a romantic bouquet as a gift to a woman? Enjoy a coffee break at a flower shop!

4. The Navigli area


A romantic day for two should have the Navigli as an unmissable stop, so to be plunged into a retro and romantic atmosphere. After reaching the Vicolo dei Lavandai, a small sheltered alley whose name derives from the brotherhood of Lavandai, active during XVIII and XIX centuries, it is pleasant to walk along the narrow streets until dinner.

All over the Navigli area, you can dine at the most typical restaurants of Milan: here, in fact, there are osteria and trattoria specialized in the Milanese cuisine. Celebrate your love story tasting the best local specialties!

5. The Mermaids Bridge


At the heart of the Sempione Park, there is a pond crossed by a stone bridge with the statues of two mermaids on both sides. Opened in 1842 by Archduke of Austria Raniera, it leads to the most central and intimate part of the Sempione Park.

6. Pinacoteca di Brera


If you haven’t yet exchanged your first kiss, take your better half in front of the Hayez’s painting, The Kiss … maybe he/she will be inspired and go on with the first step!

7. The Shambala restaurant


Our favorite place to exchange promises of eternal love. Shambala is one of the most famous (and most tasty) Thai restaurants in Milan. Built around a former farmhouse of Via Ripamonti, it seems to be the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary. With a spacious, yet intimate atmosphere, candle lights, scarlet curtains, sofas and a quiet garden outside … it only misses you twos.

8. A small, intimate park in Via Sant’Agnese


Despite being a short walk from the Catholic University, the park in Via Sant’Agnese is little known and, therefore, perfect to exchange love promises, which will seem super epic since the Roman ruins around you. Swear your love in the name of Zeus and you’ll be forever united.

9. The courtyards and the hidden beauty of Milan


Sometimes, finding the romantic places in Milan seems to be difficult. Especially, if they are hiding behind the doors of elegant homes. Do not be shy and have a look at this link: The 5 best undiscovered courtyards of Milan, where you will find all the addresses of the doors to open – and courtyards to visit – in order to make a good impression on your sweetheart.

Hidden from curious eyes, and plunged in the silence: bring chocolates and you will have created the perfect loving atmosphere!

10. Piazza Eleonora Duse


At the center of the Quadrilatero del Silenzio, one of the quietest and richest of Art Nouveau architecture in Milan, is the Piazza Eleonora Duse. Dedicated to the Italian actress lover of D’Annunzio, the square is full of white roses and is surrounded by buildings with incredibly elegant and romantic façades.

Bonus: the SPA


Surely, one of the most romantic places in Milan is the Spa, near Porta Romana. Go there in the evening to fully enjoy this experience. Start with a visit to the buffet: take a couple of glasses of wine and some canapés. Then, go from the sparkling wine to the sparkling water of the tanks: in the open air and surrounded by the Spanish walls, you will only miss the sound of violins.

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