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The 5 best ice cream parlors in Milan

News > Food | The 5 best ice cream parlors in Milan

In summer, the streets of Milan are crowded with people seeking shelter from the burning sidewalks in many ways: some open their white umbrellas in Via Dante, others look for some rest under Parco Sempione trees, others parade under the fountains of Gae Aulenti.

Although finding different relieves, they all do one similar thing: they all have a fresh stop in an ice cream parlor.

But which are the best parlors? There are so many in Milan that it seems almost impossible to choose.

We have selected our 5 top ice cream parlors to help you with that!

Gelateria della musica – Porta Ticinese


Surely one of the most famous ice cream shops in Milan, it has three stores around the city, but we recommend you to go to the one in Corso di Porta Ticinese, easily accessible by the metro green. Get off at St. Ambrogio, let the heat torment you a little bit longer in Via Lanzone before enjoying one of their ice creams. The aim of Gelateria della Musica, as explained on its website, is to excite its customers as only music can.

Aim achieved thanks also to their pistachio flavor. There are three variants: the classic one, the salted and roasted pistachio and the one with spicy cottage cheese and baked ricotta. Try it together with bread, butter and jam, a flavor made in memory of a trip to the French Riviera. You will be surprised how you can sense all the three flavors!

Tra le righe – Lambrate


Opened recently and a bit far from the city center, the ice cream shop Tra le righe is the perfect place if you want to escape both from the heath and the bustle of Milan. Here, in fact, you will not have to queue or to wait for a place to sit while your ice cream melts down. The comfortable chairs and the wooden bar will allow you to enjoy a few moments of relax together with the open Wi-Fi, the free books and, of course, cones and cups.

Flavors are tasty and healthy – they only use only organic milk. Among the many don’t miss: the Avocado, the Cream and Biscuits and Fresh Basil!
Although not central, this ice cream shop is easy to reach with the green underground, by getting off at Lambrate.

Artis – Niguarda


To get to Artis, you’ll have to take the lilac underground line, which is itself an uplifting experience: uncrowded, with the air conditioning set at a decent temperature, it moves without a driver. On the road from the Bicocca underground station and the Artis café, you can walk, and not run as in other areas nearby, like Garibaldi. Artis, as well as being a cafe, is also an ice cream shop with organic products: we suggest you to try the creamy flavors, in particular the almond one.

Recently opened, Artis is located in a large loft covered with windows, and crowded by chairs, wooden tables and a library made from fruit boxes, full of books to browse. From time to time, Artis also organizes cultural events, like music shows and photo exhibitions.

Naranita – Porta Genova


The last two places you’ll find in this post are a bit different from the typical ice cream parlor. Naranita, for example, does produce ice cream, but is especially famous for its granites. The owners have decided to open Naranita to warm Milan up with Sicilian flavors and attitude. A

nd, although now there is no need to warm up, you should anyway go to Naranita. The managers are extremely friendly and they will always smile at you behind the counter. If you fancy a granita, you cannot miss the almond with cream, one of their specialties.

Otherwise, if you prefer an ice cream, go for a stuffed brioche with one of their most original flavors such as the Brazilian guava or the Sicilian orange cream.


Mu – Navigli


The full name of this ice cream parlor, translated from Italian, is “Mu, ice cream DIY“. And, in fact, here you will have to do everything by yourself. Upon entering, you’ll notice that the parlor and its pastel colors are the perfect Instagram pictures setting. Now, don’t take too many pictures and get ready to follow a few steps.

First, you will be asked to choose between either a cone or a cup: we recommend you to go for the cup, easier to fill with one of their flavors, like white chocolate, yogurt or berries. And now, it comes the hard part, when you’ll be asked to choose from a myriad of toppings.

Chocolate, fresh fruit, syrup, toffee, pieces of brownies … trust me, it will not be easy! Be careful not to overdo: the price will be calculated based on the weight!


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