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The best pastry shops in Milan

News > Food | The best pastry shops in Milan

Some people can’t wait for the family Sunday lunch to bring a tiny box, elegantly wrapped.
Others decide to quit their diet forever as soon as they pass in front of a shop window.
Others can’t decide if they’d rather have a Sacher Torte or a cupcake, and so have them both.
In any case, everyone loves cakes and small pastries.

Also the people of Milan who still can’t’ decide which pastry shop is their favorite.
Well, we have decided for them! Here’s a list of our favorite pastry shops of the city of Milan!

Cremeria Buonarroti

The best pastry shops in Milan

In 1920, a new pastry shop opened in a strategic area of Milan, near the Market of Wagner Square. The market has always bell a gathering place, full of people and with a never-ending background chattering.

The Cremeria Buonarroti opened early in the morning to lure passers-by with its amazing flavor of croissants and pastries. Today, the Cremeria continues to attract passers-by. The smell of chocolate and cream can be felt literally from the other side of the road. You can choose whether to stay out, or to get in and order directly from the counter. In any case, you should go there for breakfast, to start your day in the best way imaginable.

Choose your drink – the cappuccino is superb – and your dessert: croissants, Torta Veneziana, cream pastries, Torta della Nonna… everything is delicious!

Pasticceria Knam

Pasticceria Knam in Milan

Via Anfossi, in the south of Milan, saw in 1922 the opening of a new pastry-shop. Not a “normal” pastry-shop, but a starred one. In fact, its owner is Ernst Knam, a famous chef who started his cuisine career in Gualtiero Marchesi’s kitchen. Since then, he has specialized in the production of desserts and has never stopped surprising with his creations as original as superfine.

Now, from via Anfossi, the shop has moved to the nearby Via Sciesa, a small road full of surprises.
We recommend it to all chocolate lovers or to those who need to forget a hearth-break. Knam’s most famous creations are, in fact, made of chocolate, like the three-chocolate mousse, the Carlos mousse and the Afrikan cake (double chocolate fudge).

Now that you have your mouth watering, remember that it is closed on Mondays!

Pasticceria Castelnuovo

Patisserie in Milan

It is a beautiful sunny day and you’ve decided to take a stroll on the Naviglio Grande.
You decide to get a little further and you reach the Chiesa San Cristoforo. Good for you: you’ll be rewarded for this athletic struggle of yours! In fact, in Via Tulipano, there’s an historic Milanese pastry shop.

Back in 1927, Enrico Castelnuovo, at the early age of 14, started working as an apprentice baker in Lecco.
When the war broke, he had to put pause on his career. However, as soon as the war ended, he married his former colleague Maria Locatelli and moved to Milan, where they opened a pastry-shop.

They decided to move to Lorenteggio, where they could afford a cheaper rental. Best decision ever made: thanks to its position, the Pasticceria Castelnuovo can still sell cakes and pastries at a low price. This fact, together with the superb quality of the desserts, attracts a never-ending queue of clients.

The bakery specializes mainly in cakes. Among these, you cannot miss the Torta Enrico and the Fior di Pesco. Both amazing, they have been awarded with several recognitions and prizes.

Pasticceria da Giacomo

Da Giacomo Pastry Shop

People with a sweet tooth, in Tuscany, are called “gola pelosa” which means “hairy throats.” And Da Giacomo pastry shop is full of “gola pelosa” that wander in the room, looking for the perfect dessert.

The owners have lived their entire lives in Tuscany, when they decided to move to Milan and open a pastry-shop. And we cannot but thank them for this choice! Their only mantra is to continue with the Tuscan tradition, therefore to choose only the finest ingredients to create unbelievable sweet masterpieces. For the hairiest throats of all, we suggest to taste the bomba, a pastry filled with mascarpone cream and strawberries!

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