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The best street food in Milan

News > Food | The best street food in Milan

Cotoletta alla milanese. Risotto allo zafferano. Panettone.

The traditional Milanese cuisine cannot be tasted with bare hands, sitting on a bench, or, for the most daring, on a sidewalk. This, however, does not mean that in Milan it is impossible to eat good (and cheap) street food. Since mid-1900 until a few months ago, in fact, Milan has fed greedy, hurried and curious passers-by with its street recipes, dispensing, as well as napkins and sauces, one tip: pay attention to the pigeons!

The historical panzerotti: Luini


(Facebook: Panzerotti Luini)

It was 1949 when Giuseppina Luini moved from Puglia with her family to take over the oven in via St. Radegonda, near the Duomo. Since then, Luini has never stopped cooking the panzerotti, a fried bread filled with ham or cheese. We suggest you to try the classic one, with mozzarella and tomato. If you want to stay light, go for a baked panzerotto and not fried, so you’ll have room for a sweet one as well, such as the one with cottage cheese and cocoa.

Dutch chips in the center of Milan


In a couple of months, the sign Amsterdam Chips has appeared here and there around Milan: in Via Torino, near the San Lorenzo Columns, in Corso Buenos Aires … By now, you can easily spot people holding a triangular cartoon with the red logo. It is not difficult to understand why the Amsterdam Chips have had all this success. The fries are cooked to perfection, they are long and abundant. But the real difference is made by the sauces, creative and super tasty, like the black pepper one.

Chicken since 1967: Giannasi


Since the post war, a kiosk has been selling roasted chickens in Piazzale Lotto. Anyone living in Milan knows Dorando Giannasi’s kiosk: it exposes gastronomic delights of all kinds and its perfume of roasted chicken spreads all over the square. Prices are unbeatable and a whole chicken can cost as little as € 4. On the menu, there are also gorgonzola croquettes, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, stuffed olives …

The Milanese bread: the michetta


(Fb page:

The michetta is the bread symbol of Milan: small, soft, perfect if stuffed with a few slices of mortadella. Today, it has become a best seller street food thanks to Federico Gordini and Matteo Ungaro, who opened Mica – the Milanese michetteria in Porta Ticinese. They make the bread and then fill it with cold cuts or mozzarella and grilled vegetables. Each month, Federico and Matteo are joined by a street chef who reinterprets the michetta in his own way.

Baked fish at Kiosko


Its temporary closure made the Milanese go crazy: passing through Piazza XXIV Maggio was not the same now that the smell of fresh fish had gone. Fortunately, a few months ago, Kiosko reopened and street chef Roberto Costigliola, aka Mr. Fish, has begun to cook fish skewers and fish burger as he used to. The tartare and the fried fish are amazing, and the ingredients are so fresh it seems to be a beach kiosk!

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