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Art & History

The Museum of Comic Art in Milan

News > Art & History | The Museum of Comic Art in Milan

Some are black and white. Others portray urban heroes in red shirt and jeans and assistants with thick mustaches.
There are some millionaire protagonists fighting their enemies with bulletproof suits; and others who are unlucky animals with anthropomorphic traits.
Who are they? Simple: the representatives of the ninth art, the art that celebrates comic books. And Milan has a special place for them.

First busses then ice creams, now balloons and clouds

Comic Art Museum in Milan

1926, Viale Campania 12. The yellow walls are an ATM’s property ( the Public Transport Company of Milan) that has established here its deposit: busses come here after their working day and take a rest until the following one.

In 1960, Motta buys the entire area. Motta is a company that produces ice creams and other food products. Here, it establishes a storage area, but has to leave it in 1985, because of financial problems.
The area is abandoned for a while. It’s the Mayor of Milan who understands its potential and decides to start a project of renewal to give it a new, more modern look.

When, in 2010, the works have finished, a huge park is created behind the walls and the City of Milan decides to organize a ban to give the space to some innovative creators.
The Fondazione Franco Fossati won the ban and founded the WOW Museum: in only five years, it has created a true work of art everyone should visit.

Enter Viale Campania and stop at number 12.
You’ll notice a huge, yellow wall in front of you, decorated with clouds and the words “WOW Spazio Fumetto”.
From the door, you can see the garden with Pao’s graffiti and a weird Loch Ness monster rising from the ground: cross this door, a door that, as we read from the website, “lets you enter a universe of storytelling through images, communication and creativity”.

To appreciate the museum, you don’t have to attend Comic reunions regularly or own a cosplay dress.
You simply have to recall those memories of afternoons spent flickering through comic pages, dreaming about superheroes.

Disney Mural at Comics Museum in Milan

The museum spreads over different levels.
The ground floor treasures a comic library, with over nine thousands volumes to browse. On both the ground and the first floor, there are temporary exhibitions.

Currently, from October 17 to January 10, you will be welcomed by Snoopy and his friends. As a matter of fact, the museum houses an exhibition to celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Peanuts’ birth.
And, in addition to exhibitions, the Museum also organizes many other cultural activities, such as workshops about writing or drawing classes.

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