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The Tank, a pop-up space in Milan

News > Design | The Tank, a pop-up space in Milan

Once upon a time, Piazzale Lodi treasured a railway yard. Opened in the late 1800, it was attended by hundreds of people every day that used to cross Viale Isonzo through its small bridge.
Soon, however, Viale Isonzo needed to become bigger because of its intense traffic. Therefore, the small bridge had to be demolished and, in no time, the railway station was abandoned. For many year, passing over it, meant witnessing the plants growing all over the railway signals and trays.

But, starting a story with “once upon a time” means it can only end with “live happily forever and after”. Thanks to The Tank the happy ending is possible and the railway yard of Piazzale Lodi has come back to life.


What’s behind The Tank?

“Take an abandoned railway yard and imagine bringing it back to life”. This is how the official website describes The Tank project: a project meant to re-evaluate an abandoned space, by giving it a new purpose. How? Easy: through a design installation not made of prestigious, unique materials, but made of shipping containers. The ship containers, as well as the whole space, are therefore able to live again and to acquire new features. They’ll travel a long journey that will last several months, not on the water but on the Milanese pavement.

The Tank is a multifunctional temporary village. In Milan, you can visit it until the 10 November; then, it will move to some other part of Italy, giving color and vitality to other uncultivated areas. Inside, there are spaces dedicated to various entertainment activities, such as food, shopping, music or special events. Designed to operate in parallel to the Expo, The Tank will host Italian excellences belonging to various fields, from food to fashion, up to shows and events.


The Tank activities


The Tank is divided into several sections, each dedicated to a different kind of entertainment. For the wine-lovers, there’s the enoteca I Territori: offering different kinds of wines, it allows you to taste flavors from all over Italy and accompany them with food delicacies as well. If you wish to try something stronger, don’t worry: I Territori also prepares cocktails made of wine that can make you forget all your worries!

Then, there’s the food section: The Tank houses a real kitchen with the aim not only to serve tasty dishes but also and foremost to create a space where people can chat and become friends. Conviviality, in cast, is The Lube Kitchen number one keyword.
Finally, there’s a space dedicated to art, known as ARTank: the project, curated by Caterina Seri, hosts solo and group exhibitions of both established and emerging artists.


You have until November 10th to make a trip to The Tank. Then, the container ship will sail to other shores and other cities. To find out if you will intercept The Tank during his trip, visit its Facebook page.

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