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Night Life

Things to do in Milan at night: a foodies tour

News > Night Life | Things to do in Milan at night: a foodies tour

They’re not sleepwalkers – or, at least, not all of them. Some of them have had a late meeting, and are only now loosing their tie knots.

Others have been dancing till closure, and are still keeping the rhythm with their feet. There are a few that are already dressed up in their uniforms, ready to start a new working day.

And then, there’s you: in the midst of those who are too late or too early, you share with them your night hunger. You are all gathered together in one of the places in Milan that closes late at night: one of those places opened until dawn that treasures the most interesting stories of the city.

And the best part is that there is not only one place like this: there are several, and 4 of them are our favorites.
Discover them with us!

Golfo di Mondello Sicilian Specialties

If you have been to Sicily, you know it’s difficult to choose between a cannolo and a cassata. Don’t worry: late at night you don’t have to make such a difficult choice anymore.

And this is particularly true if you find yourself in via Gioacchino Murat, where there is the most famous Sicilian Gastronomy of the area, Golfo di Mondello.
Here, in fact, the managers will talk you into “taking another one”: after all, they have also created smaller versions, so that you won’t feel guilty.

If calories don’t frighten you, then choose an iris, a fried dough with sweet ricotta in it. Or, if you are craving for something salty, go for an arancina or a slice of sfincione.
In any case, you will go back home with a full stomach and a happy mood.

Anche Forno

In the Isola district, there’ s a restaurant that is called “Anche”, which in Italian means “also”. In fact, the restaurant is anche, also a small bakery! It stays open until late at night and welcomes its clients in a tiny space covered with windows displaying slices of pizza and brioches. In order to satisfy everyone, the Anche Forno is provided with a colorful bike that moves around the city with its hot pizzas!

Le Capannelle

The safe haven for night owls in Milan stands near Viale Papiniano, at number 23.

Close to the Navigli, in fact, there’s that place that all the hungry night wanderers need. It is not an oven, or a deli, but a real restaurant that stays open all night long. From appetizers to pizza, to dessert, the Capannelle don’t take anything for granted, not even the dishes based on fish.

This is the right choice if you want to sit at the table as if it was lunchtime, and enjoy one of the typical dishes of the Italian cuisine.

Duel Cornetteria

A croissant eaten at night means often heated dough, little filling… and stomach pain the day after!

Well, this is not the case of Duel Cornetteria, the most famous deli night in Milan, which is close to the yellow metro stop of Lodi. The small room is well furnished and cozy.

Here, you can choose from a multitude of freshly baked pastries: from the classic cream and chocolate, to the donuts with kinder cereali, Duel will surprise you in any case!

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