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Night Life

Things to do in Milan on New Year’s Eve, the events scheduled

News > Night Life | Things to do in Milan on New Year’s Eve, the events scheduled

A dreaded question, that scares people off more than the locusts invasion and that provokes unbearable reactions: “What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?”.

We agree with you: when you still have the tan line, it is not an appropriate question. However, in December, it’s reasonable to have an answer.

Therefore: what are you going to do on New Year’s Eve… if you are in Milan?

Dancing until midnight


Milan is famous for its club scene, which organizes New Year’s Eve events perfect to wait for the countdown while dancing. From the most underground clubs to the classiest discos, Milan offers a big selection of events able to satisfy different tastes and needs. The Dude Club, one of the most famous clubs of Milan, hosts the evening Privat Odyssey, with international DJ sets.

The Q21 alternates musical performances to 3D projections inspired by VJ Bloom’s Humans theme: also, throughout the evening, you can have fun on the 3-meter-wide trampoline.

If you look for something more commercial, then the Lime Light is perfect for you: the disco club offers a 360-degree music selection, ranging from pop to revival.


The Old Fashion is one of the historical places of Milan, ready to host a ’60s soirée: it invites its guest to dance at the rock’n’roll rhythm and be amazed by the bar tenders’ exhibitions.

Finally, if you’d rather spend the night in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, then Le Banque is the place you are looking for. At the centre of Milan, it’s one of the most famous discos and it will open its doors to pop music, Brazilian dance shows and cabaret sessions.

Wherever you’ll go, just make sure you buy a pre-sale as soon as possible, to avoid paying exorbitant prices!

Say hello to 2016 in front of the Duomo



Every year, Piazza Duomo organizes the free New Year’s concert, where hundreds of people gather in front of the cathedral, loudly singing famous tunes and toasting with strangers.

At 8.30 pm, the first notes will be played: the Distratti band will open the concert with its DJ set, leading the way to the blues sound of the Tuareg guitarist Bombino, which will start from 10.00 pm. The true and most awaited entertainment is scheduled for 11.00 pm, when a leading Italian singer will amaze his public with exhibitions and dances: his name is Caparezza, he comes from Apulia and he’s famous for his witty style and meaningful choreographies.

Start the New Year in a theatre


On New Year’s Eve, you can also choose to relax in a magical atmosphere, sit comfortably in an armchair and enjoy watching a play.

The theatres of Milan, in fact, organize special soirées, specifically designed to entertain and amuse, while waiting for midnight. Maybe, together with the midnight icon, Cinderella. And, in fact, the Scala proposes Cinderella, Prokofiev’s ballet and, thereafter, a midnight toast.

If you prefer something musical, go to the Teatro dal Verme, where famous Milanese songwriter Paolo Jannacci will entertain his public together with the Pomeriggi Musicali orchestra.

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