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Night Life

Top craft breweries in Milan

News > Night Life | Top craft breweries in Milan

“I’ll have a pint. Oh, any kind is ok, just bring me the regular”.
There are some places where it is forbidden to say something like that.

The breweries you’ll find here below belong to this category. Don’t get us wrong: the regular pints are just fine, but it’s a shame not to taste one of their craft beers!

Il Birrificio Lambrate


In 1996, the brothers David and Gianpaolo together with their friend Fabio opened a brewery in Lambrate. The trio crafted two types of beers and the pub remained open only on some days. Soon, the brewery became a point of reference for the local residents. They opened a kitchen and started producing more than 20 specimens.

Try a Petite Ghisa, if you wish to drink something light, or go for a Porpora, dark and with caramelized notes. Apart from the beers, the Birrificio is famous also for the beers labels, truly special and unique!

Baladin Milano


Another brewery born in 1996, the Baladin is one of Italy’s most famous breweries, probably also for his long collaboration with Eataly.

It was Matterino “Teo” Musso who opened it. The legend says that his father forced him to drink red wine during dinner and that he, being a rebellious teenager, refused and drank beer instead. He decided to follow this passion and in his hometown, Piozzo, opened a brewery together with Michelle, his girlfriend and ex Opera de Paris dancer.

They did not sell the classic beers, but only those produced by them. At first, clients ran away from this extravagant pub, but soon they learnt to appreciate Musso’s provocations.
Try the beers in barrels and have a look at the ‘20s furnishings surrounding you.

La Belle Alliance


La Belle Alliance is the name of an inn located in the south of Brussels, which became famous for hosting the former enemies Wellington and Blucher, at the end of the Waterloo Battle.

Now, the Belle Alliance is also the name of a pub in via Evangelista Torricelli, close to the canals.
As it predecessor, it has the power to put people at ease: after all, with couple of Brutal IPAs, we all become BFFs.

La Belle Alliance is one of the best breweries in Milan and its staff is extremely friendly and kind. Take note that they also organize cultural and musical event!



There are several BQs in Milan, but the best one is in via Lausanne. BQ stands for Beer Quality: its founder, Paolo Polli, was one of the first Italians to focus on the promotion of our local beer.

The BQ offers both its own beers, produced in Delebio, and the ones selected by other Italian artisans. Like all pubs, this one closes quite early, but do not worry if you wish to have a beer late at night: in via Bussola 9, there’s another BQ, called de Nott’ and opened until 6 in the morning!

Read the menu directly from the window and, if the weather is nice, sit in the dehors. We suggest you to have a red Valkyria: try also one of their sandwiches and life will immediately feel pretty amazing!

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