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Top Japanese restaurants in Milan

News > Food | Top Japanese restaurants in Milan

A few years ago, when the Japanese-mania exploded, Milan embraced it happily. People trained their chopsticks manoeuvres and Japanese restaurants popped almost anywhere.
Behind this enthusiastic overture, there was something hidden, like the born and breed Milanese who couldn’t give up forks and the Chinese restaurants that simple changed their names.
Have no fear: it is possible to find tasty, real Japanese restaurants in Milan… simply follow our tips!

Osaka Japanese tradition since 1999


It opened near the Moscova metro station when Japanese food was still considered something extravagant. Today, Osaka is part of the Japanese tradition of Milan.
Its spaces, refined and minimalist, were not designed only to welcome the city’s dwellers but also and foremost the Japanese visiting Milan: that’s why the menu is written in Japanese as well.
The website dedicated a section to the chef, Osamu Ikeda, born in 1969: after graduating from the cooking school of Akita, he has long lived in France before moving to Italy and becoming head chef of Osaka.
Go there for lunch, to take advantage of some plates promotions. We recommend you the sashimi, super fresh and carefully chosen, and a plate of Soba, super tasty.

Shiro and Poporoya’s adventures


Shiro was born in the Japanese province of Nagano in 1946. After finishing his studies at the cooking school, he decided to move to Rome. He started working in a Japanese restaurant where the only regulars where Japanese entrepreneurs visiting the Italian artistic beauties. The restaurant owner decided to transfer him to the Milanese branch, in via Eustachi. Poporoya, at that time, was only a grocery store of Japanese goods and Shiro used to cook for delivery only. In 1989, Shiro succeeded in buying the space and in making it licensed as a restaurant. Since then, the name of Poporaya is on everyone’s lips!

When noodles meet basil: Italian noodles

Best Japanese restaurants in Milan

Proud of our culinary heritage, we have been able to Italianize also a typically oriental food, such as noodles and udon. No worries, though: this does not mean we have revolutionized it and altered forever its flavor. With “we”, I mean Italian Noodles, the Spaghetti Bar that has succeeded in using Japanese traditional dishes together with the freshest Italian products. And the result is amazing. An example? Udon with shrimp, artichokes, oyster sauce and parmigiano reggiano!

The best ramen in Milan: Casa Ramen

Casa Ramen

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and the desire to eat ice cream is replaced with that of keeping our hands around a warm soup. If you tend to say “eeew” in front of a vegetable soup, be prepared to say “wow”, instead. Casa Ramen, in the Isola district, welcomes its visitors in its cozy and informal atmosphere, with its menus written on the mirrors. As the name suggests, Casa Ramen is specialized in ramen, tasty and original soups present also in the vegetarian option. Another plus concerns the drinks, all 100% Japanese, like the Hitachino Nest beers!

Japanese street food in Milan: Maido


Did you used to see Kiss me Licia cartoon when you were a kid? Do you remember her father’s restaurant, which was able to make our mouths water in front of the TV screens? Well: there’s a real one in Milan, it’s called Maido and it stands in Via Savona. Here you’ll taste the okonomiyaki, salted pancakes served with a sweet sauce. Maido is perfect if you want to try something Japanese that is not sushi or sashimi, like the okonomiyaki or the rice burger!

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