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Art & History

Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

News > Art & History | Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

A few steps from Porta Nuova district, renowned for its skyscrapers and futuristic glass buildings, there is a part of Milan that seems to belong to another city, a gem that we want to share and recommend to explore on foot.

This place is Via Abramo Lincoln, very close to Corso XXII Marzo; is a small neighborhood that seems to come out of a fairy tale, a place where you won’t see big buildings but only small colorful houses embellished with tiny gardens.

The story of a district out of ordinary

The history of this district began in 1889 when a group of friends, who dream of a neighborhood where its people can live in lovely affordable homes, realizes the project of a “garden city”.

Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

The result is a worker’s cooperative that plans to extend the district throughout the area of Porta Vittoria, designing a large area with beautiful small houses in the heart of Milan.
Over the years, people have started to embellish the district, beginning a challenge to find the more cheerful and bright color for the facade of their own home.

Unfortunately, the two world wars upset this plan and the district remains enclosed at via Lincoln; now this street seems like an oasis in the midst of the hectic pace of Milan.

Via Lincoln Milan

It’s fantastic to imagine a large area of the city full of colorful houses surrounded by gardens sprouting roses, fruit trees and fragrant flower beds.

Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

Via Lincoln is just what remains of this romantic idea: a few hundred meters street similar to picturesque neighborhoods such as Notting Hill in London.

Isn’t unusual to see a cat that’s walking slowly here and find refuge behind a wrought iron gate.

Via Lincoln Milan

If you are curious about the lesser known areas of metropolis like Milan, explore the so called Rainbow district (Quartiere Arcobaleno), this nickname derives from the wide range of colors on the houses facades.

Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

Furthermore, a few steps from Via Lincoln there are two shops that we recommend if you are looking for something original to buy.
The first is Malafarina bookshop (at via B. Cellini, 21), devoted exclusively to books related to enogastronomy: you’ll find cookbooks and photography books, a must for foodies!

Via Lincoln, the garden district of Milan

The second shop is Shabby Chic, on the same street of Malafarina.
At this fashion boutique you can find the most glamorous vintage clothes: garments, bags and accessories for men and women, a nice solution if you are going to renew your spring wardrobe with cool dresses.

Libreria gastronomica

Dedicate a part of your stay in Milan going at the Rainbow District, this is one of the best hidden gems in town.

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