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Via Thaon di Revel, the motorcycle district in Milan

News > Fashion | Via Thaon di Revel, the motorcycle district in Milan

In a big city every neighborhood has its own identity, a character that distinguishes it from others. In Milan there are even some micro districts.
Often it is an intersection of streets, just a couple of blocks, or just a road. That’s the case of Via Thaon di Revel, a small street in the neighborhood Isola, one of the most popular and lively areas of Milan (check our itinerary through Isola district for further tips).
Via Thaon di Revel, between old typical Milanese railing houses and buildings sixties, covers from square Segrino and ends in Piazza Spotorno, crossing with Viale Stelvio.

Via Thaon di Revel, the motorcycle district in Milan

For several years local residents have seen the road transformed, not only by the number of shops and bars, some very fashionable, that have opened one after the other, but they also have noticed the number of bikes on the sidewalks present. This is a distinctive feature of via Thaon di Revel, which has been dubbed the first “motorcycle district” in Europe. Now Via Thaon di Revel became the favorite spot by tourists who like motorcycles.

Vintage shops and trendy bars at Via Thaon di Revel

vintage stores at Isola district in Milan

Credits: Rombo di Tuono

Everything has been happen with the workshop-showroom Officine Mermaid opening. For their passion for the bikes, these guys have created a real meeting point for bikers, especially lovers of café racers, the naked motorcycles born in the Sixties in England and symbol of rockers subculture.

With a siren as a logo and a floor checkered whites and blacks, the store is not only a simple shop for the bikers, but also a showroom to admire their creations. Here the bikes are processed, edited and customized, making unique creations. Officine Mermaid stands out for the preparation of the bikes, so completely handmade. Officine Mermaid has obtained the exclusive license for Italy of Deus, an Australian brand, also known for its local chain, and the Original Samurai Choppers Zero Engineering. In addition to motorcycles for sale, of which you can find accessories of brands like BMW and Harley Davidson, through the Triumph, you can also buy vintage motorcycles style clothes and fashion helmets too. Creator of Officine Mermaid is Dario Mastroianni, one of the proponents of the transformation of Via Thaon di Revel and indicated like the real “responsible” of the birth of the “moto-district.”

The idea of Officine Mermaid is to offer events and activities not only for the vintage motorcycles lovers but also for those curious which want to approach the cult of cafe racers, which has great fans for so long in world.

KD Store has also contributed to the new reputation of Via Thaon di Revel.

Kd store at via Thaon di Revel

Credits: Drift Trike Lazio

Opened in 1998 by Guido and Derio, huge passsionates of motorcycles, the shop also became a landmark for riders in Milan. KD store over the years has been directed towards the innovative clothing, proposing typical clothing for motorcyclists but with modern cuts and trendy style. In the shop there are exclusively exclusive brands, you can find only here; cult brands such as Vanson Leathers and Stewart, the Blue Blanket’s denim, the Dukes’ belts, RudeRiders, Tellason, Stetson just to name a few.

motorbike clothing in Milan

Credits: Icon – Panorama

In addition the owners have opened next to the store bar-diner KD Dennis House, where you can have breakfast, lunch and drink on the American style.
Theinterior design of the House Dennis KD makes you feel a bit ’50s, especially for the atmosphere around the counter, where you can drink one of the best Moscow Mule in Milan.

Dennis kd house Milan

Credits: DrinkAdvisor

If you go for lunch you should definitely taste the hamburgers, really by a good quality. From the classic burger Cheese and Bacon burger, the restaurant also offers homemade burgers like “l’Avvocato” by tartare with red onion, BBQ sauce and avocado.

Other specialties of the house are the KD Pork Plate, served with coleslaw (cabbage, carrots and maple syrup) and the famous KD baked potatoes without butter or oil. Sunday then is brunch day and the House Dennis KD offers is truly one US style, based by sousage & beans, smashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese cake and pancakes. Even the appetizer to KD Dennis House is very tasty. The cocktails are prepared with high quality drinks such as J. Gasco, brand soft drinks made exclusively from natural ingredients and select bottles of Vintage for New Flavour Drink, as the Jockey Club, a gin-based liqueur, amaretto, orange bitters, lemon and angostura, or Mary Pickford, with white rum, pineapple and maraschino.

Officine Mermaid official website:

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