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What to do at Milano Film Festival

News > Eventi | What to do at Milano Film Festival

There are two events that the people of Milan wait as if they were kids at Christmas Eve: St. Ambrogio and the Milano Film Festival. As far as the first one is concerned, there is little to say: according to the tradition, at the beginning of November, we celebrate the patron of Milan. Which means, often and luckily, “a long weekend”.
As far as the second event is concerned, instead, there is a lot to talk about.
But, let’s take things slowly.

What is the Milano Film Festival

Inaugurated in 1995, the Milano Film Festival (MFF) is a festival that has a simple but noble goal: the search for new languages ​​and new contents, the promotion of Italian and international talents and the reinterpretation of the major authors of the history of cinema.
Quoting from the website, it is “in look for cultural quality, a festival open and democratic, a platform of information and analysis, a workshop for young people and an international square”.
And, because of these characteristics of openness and sharing, the MFF could only take place in parks, squares and theaters.

Teatro Studio in Milan

What to do during the Milano Film Festival: the program

The 2015 edition will start on September, 11 and will end on September, 20.
All films are in their original language with English subtitles. Some events are free, others are not.
For more information, visit the Festival website.
Let’s have a look at some of the events, day by day!

Friday 11

• Where and when: Teatro Strehler, h. 17.00
Milano Nera. Long before the Expo, Milan has experienced radical urban transformations. This meeting will help you discover the different faces of Milan, through – but not only – noirs.

• Where and when: Spazio Oberdan, h.21.00
Tell Spring not to Come this Year. The tale of two directors who have entered some forbidden territories with the Afghan National Army.

• Where and when: Fondazione Rivoli 2, h.22.00
Videozero. This year, the Foundation Rivoli joins the spaces of the MFF with the projection of experimental videos of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts students.

Saturday 12

• Where and when: Teatro Strehler, h. 17.00
Peache Kitchen. For all the Japan lovers, a plunge in the Eastern culture among lanterns, ancient ceremonies … and sake, that comes with the ticket!

• Where and when: Oberdan, h. 18.00.
Une jeunesse allemande: Jean Gabriel Périot presents a selection of his short films that offer an interesting starting point for reflection on the relative value of history and oppression never completed.

Sunday 13
• Where and when: Parco Sempione, h. 18.45
Fabrique du Cinéma. A musical party to honor the cinema tradition, with DJ sets and trailers projections of young talents of Milan.

Monday 14
• Where and when: Spazio Oberdan, h. 190
Nikolaus Geryhalter. One of the best European documentarist tells his very first twenty years of career, from Bosnia to Chernobyl.
• Where and when: Parco Sempione, h. 21.00
Short animations marathon. One of the most awaited events of the festival: everyone is sitting on the grass to watch the short films projected on the big screen. Not to be missed.

Tuesday 15

• Where and when: MIMAT, h. 18.00
Sugar Coated. An investigation of all that is behind sugar, our biggest addiction.

Wednesday 16

• Where and when: MIC, h. 21.00
Falconetti and Wells. Mirko Stopar presents a documentary dedicated to Renée Falconetti and homage to Orson Wells, in the year of its centennial.

Thursday 17

• Where and when: Parco Sempione, h. 20.30
Life. The new film by Anton Corbijn that tells the meeting of James Dean with photographer Dennis Stock.

Friday 18

• Where and when: Spazio Oberdan, h.21.00
Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands. The documentary of the Danish Thomsen dedicated to Fassbinder, the great German author.

Saturday 19

• Where and when: Cascina Cuccagna, h.15.00
Milano Film Festivalino. An event for the children and for the eternal Peter Pans: animated short films that find no place on television.

• Where and when: Scatola Magica and Spazio Oberdan, from 10.30 to 19.00
Cinema 3.0. A day dedicated to the cinema of the future, to find out how it will meet with the web and the new media.

Sunday 20

• Where and when: MIMAT, h.11.00
Descendants. The new Disney Channel movie that presents the children of the most notorious villains, teenagers and grappling with the struggle between good and evil.

• Where and when: Teatro Strehler, h. 11.30
Surprise. A surprise film, an absolute preview regarding (also) Milan.

• Where and when: Teatro Strehler, h. 19:00
The award ceremony of the movies that are competing!

What to see at Milano Film Festival

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