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What to do on a rainy day in Milan

News > Eventi | What to do on a rainy day in Milan

Sometimes, the bad luck is on our side. It makes us add salt instead of sugar, it reveals us the end of movies we have just started watching and it welcomes us with thunders and shower rains when we arrive in a new city.
We are not going to lie to you: visiting Milan while it rains is not as enjoyable as it is when the sun shines. This does not mean, however, that you cannot enjoy Milan in a rainy day!
Read our tips and, this time, you’ll beat the bad luck!

Five things to do in Milan when it rains

1. Visit a museum

Museo 900

Credits: By Stefano Stabile (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What’s better than a rainy day to visit a museum and increase your cultural heritage? Take advantage of a tour in a museum to sip a hot drink while watching the rain falling on the city. No problem: every museum in Milan comes together with a coffee shop that will sweeten up your visit. If you love contemporary and modern art, do not miss the PAC and the Museum of the ‘900. However, if you fancy the Egyptian art, take a tour around the Castello Sforzesco rooms, treasuring an Egyptian museum worth of visit.

2. Learn how to cook

Cooking class in Milano

This doesn’t mean: crash into the house of a Milanese family and spy on them while they prepare a risotto or a cotoletta. Instead, go to one of the many schools that offer cooking lessons both at day and night-time. The workshops will keep you busy while outside the rain is falling.

Some famous cooking schools worth of notice are the Cookingcenter and Atelier dei Sapori.

3. Drink hot herbal tea

Hot tea - Teiera

Fighting the rain-apathy is simple when you have allies like the Teiera Eclettica, near Porta Venezia. The Teiera Eclettica, large and welcoming, is a bit of a shop and of a café. Here, in fact, you can buy lots of herbal teas and infusions and, at the same time, sip one of them while comfortably sitting at one of its large tables. We recommend you try the white tea Yin Zhen or the black tea Grand Bois Cheri, cultivated in the Mauritius. Do not miss the cookies and the jellies made of tea, which will help to make your rest pleasant and refreshing.

4. Watch a movie

Lock yourself up in a cinema to forget about the rainy day. Ok, but: which cinema? Milan has many famous movie theaters with a selection of movies in their original languages. If you want to stay near the city center, go to the Odeon, if you plan to watch something famous and popular. On the other hand, if you plan to watch a more élite movie, then go to the Eliseo: is located near the Duomo, it has a wide selection of movies in original language and auteur cinema.

5. Gaze at the stars

Sometimes you don’t need to see the sky to admire stars: if it’s raining you can visit Milan’s Planetary, in the Giardini di Porta Venezia, is located just a few steps away from the entrance near the Porta Venezia metro station. It’s the biggest planetary of Italy and projects starred skies all day through, with guides that tell you also the different stars’ characteristics and peculiarities.

What not to do in Milan when it rains

We have just seen what to do in Milan when it rains. What instead you should avoid doing?
On rainy days, the subway it’s crowded, so you can opt, instead, for the trams as a mean of transportation.

Avoid the parks: there are few paved streets or covered walkways, so you risk wetting yourself with mud and water.

Credits cover picture: By BjoernEisbaer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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