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What to do in Milan in August

News > Eventi | What to do in Milan in August

In August Italy means sea, beaches and cities of art. Milan remains very enjoyable even in this hot month and, for many Italian and foreign tourists, is considered the best time to visit; in fact the city is half-empty near the summer vacation so much more livable. We have already introduced in the post “Unmissable exhibitions in Milan this summer” activities that the most important museums of Milan offer in August, but it is definitely not everything the city has to offer. Music and entertainments animate the city and make Milan very enjoyable even under the summer heat. Here there are some events that we report for you.

Music, culture and entertainment

Until 25th September at the Museo di Storia Naturale (Natural history museum) will exhibit works from the “Collezione Bersellini”. The collection consists in handworks Murano glasses from twenties to 2015, mainly figured animals and flowers. The works are made by best-known glassmakers and designers from Murano Island, international artists who made famous the Venetian art around the world. Until August 13 the “Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera” (Brera Academy of fine arts) offers a retrospective of Croatian photographer Đuro Janeković. The first Croatian professional photographers died in 1989, Janeković has documented the artistic life of Zagreb in the twenties and thirties.

Brera Museum,milan

For nearly twenty years Milan is hosting the Milan Latin Festival; in this event you can dance by latin american music’s rhythms and enjoy the own cuisines which every summer it calls many enthusiasts.

If you are seeking about live music we report the circolo Magnolia; this club organizes concerts and dj sets for all month and it confirms itself like one of the places that more animates Milan in the summer.


Another place to listen live music is the Carroponte in Sesto San Giovanni, a summer club, which set where there was a big old train factory, and offers many lives music but not only; the area has three restaurants, many bars, over 400 seats to enjoy your pizza, grilled food, food track and many other dishes.


Experience Expo

1th May 2015 was a very important day for Milan; it began the Expo 2015. Years of preparations, huge investments and the city is transformed. The site where the EXPO was set it was the exhibition grounds in Rho, town of the Milan hinterland. This year around it a new entertainment park arose, the Experience Expo. Until September 30, 2016 this park, which is free entry, offer fun and excitement in a series of cultural events, sports and music. A very rich calendar where you can stay until evening.

experience expo- albero della vita show

Among the permanent shows there is the “Albero della Vita Show” (The Tree of Life Show), symbol of Expo, which last year, by its colors and lights, has excited the Expo guest. Also the park Experience offer by the Open Air Theatre a lot of jazz, gospel choirs, hip hop and tango concerts. In addition to watch sporting events of the summer, as obviously the Olympics in Rio, there is a big screen. The event is very intense and it is therefore advisable to consult the calendar on the site.

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