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What to see at Expo 2015, a useful guide to the event

News > Eventi | What to see at Expo 2015, a useful guide to the event

A month after its opening, the Universal Exhibition has already reached 2.700.000 visitors. This success was long-awaited by the organization who long worked for the Italian edition of this prestigious event.

If you haven’t been to Expo yet and you’re planning to visit it during a stay in Milan, this handy guide provides you with the useful information to organize your visit according to the time available and the things you want to do.

This guide includes info about where to buy tickets, which ticket formulas are available, what means of transportation are more suitable to reach the Expo and what you can see in a single day, in other words how to live a nice experience by joining the main event of 2015.

Expo 2015 in Milan

Where to buy Expo tickets

The online purchase of tickets is the easiest way, but there are also many authorized resellers in Italy and abroad, the list can be found here:

Prices vary according to date fixed or open date: so if you stay in Milan only a few days and you already know when you’ll come, we suggest to buy a ticket at a fixed date, you can save 5 euro off the standard rate, 34 € instead of 39.

Discounts and packages for over 65 old people and families are available.
The direct link to buy the ticket is

If you prefer to spend the day go shopping in the city or visiting museums and monuments, you can buy the night ticket.

This advantageous ticket (costs only 5 euro) will allow you to visit Expo exclusively on the evening (access is allowed from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm from Monday to Friday, until 24:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to come back to see without haste the exhibition site, we suggest buying the carnet 2/3 days or the Season Pass valid until 31st October 2015.

Expo gate

If you want to buy your tickets at your arrival in Milan, you can go to the Expo Gate, a building realized a year ago in Piazza Cairoli, in front of the Castello Sforzesco, to preview the contents of the Expo. Today is the main info point of the event.

How to get to Expo

The easiest way to reach Expo is by underground railway, Metro Line 1 (the Red Line) to Rho Fiera Milano metro station.

Travel time to the Expo site from Piazza Duomo is about 25 minutes.
For those wishing to reach the area by car, the exhibition site (located north-west of Milan) is connected to all the main highways of Milan: Milano-Torino (A4), Milano-Laghi (A8), tangenziale ovest (A7).
There are parking areas available for both cars and coaches, but you must book your place online in advance.

To reach Expo from the parking (Merlata, Arese, Milan Fair and Trenno) you can get on the free shuttles bus.

Expo 2015 Milan

Getting around the Expo

Once you arrived, move within Expo will be possible, as well as on foot, with the comfortable minibus People Mover.

This free shuttle service travels around the perimeter of the exhibition site. The route includes 10 stops located along the way, a profitable option to easily reach the main points of the Expo.

The bus stops run a minimum of every 5 minutes and a maximum of every 7 minutes and are available from 9 am to midnight.
Furthermore, families with children can rent strollers for free.

For people with permanent or temporary disabilities is available the Mobility Center that provides electric four-wheel mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs.

Useful tips to visit Expo

Because of Expo2015 size (one million square meters) it is very difficult to visit the entire site in one day.

Our advice is to plan what you don’t want to miss and outline an itinerary to follow according to the opening hours.
There are long queues to enter some pavilions, such as Japan and Thailand, so is important to decide which pavilions you want to visit.
The most visited pavilions at the moment are those of Italy, Austria, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and China.

If you are tired of walking you can relax on the lawns in the side areas of the Expo, for example behind the Italy or France pavilions.
You can stock up on water for free at one of the “Case dell’Acqua” near the middle of the Decumano (the main street that runs through the exhibition site).

Events expo 2015

Upcoming events

In the coming days at Expo Gate are planned numerous events as “Scrunch”, every Thursday from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm, starting from June 19th, a series of DJ sets by Stefano Fontana, also known as Stylophonic.

On 27th June, the popular French ethnologist and anthropologist Marc Augé held an interesting conference at the Expo Gate on “Nutrition and globalization”.

Foodami, a review created by the chef and blogger Andrea Vigna, proposes a series of meetings with producers, farmers and experts in the agri-food sector.

To be updated with what’s happening at Expo Gate you can check the calendar online:

Until 30th August you can go to the show “Allavita!” by Cirque du Soleil, staged from Wednesday to Sunday at the Open Theatre of Expo 2015.
The plot of the show is inspired by the theme of food and winds around the story of a boy who is given a magic seed: a contemporary circus show that is thrilling audiences around the world.

Finally, we suggest the “Women’s Weeks”, scheduled from 29th June to 10th July, an event which will feature twelve days of meetings, events and conferences dedicated to women and to the great challenges of nutrition.

Take advantage of this extraordinary event to visit Milan and live a unique experience in the capital of fashion and design.



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