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Where to eat Japanese food in Milan

News > Food | Where to eat Japanese food in Milan

If you are an enthusiastic fan of the Rising Sun, their food culture and if you want to taste the specialties of the Far East, in Milan there is plenty of choice in terms of restaurants and traditional Japanese venues.

We offer you a guide to the 5 places that will make you feel immersed in the Japanese culture without leaving Milan!

Dispelling the myth that eating Japanese means just go eating sushi, at Via Tortona 12 there is a place where to have traditional Japanese breakfast.
This place is Basara, where the owner prepares breakfast based on desserts such as daifuku, tiramisu with green tea and black sesame.

Here you will also find fresh croissants, cappuccino, centrifuges, juices, fresh fruit and organic yogurt, a tasty choice if you don’t want to give up your habits.
Basara is worth a visit also to see how it changes the style of the venue according to the times of the day, thanks to sliding panels and mobile walls that make it a cozy and exclusive location, open for lunch, dinner and aperitif.

Furthermore, take-away service is available. ( )

Where to eat Japanese food in Milan

You have to go to Brera district to find the authentic Japanese cuisine and discover more than the usual sushi dishes.

Let’s talk about Sumire at via Varese 1, where customers like to be tempted by the proposals of the Japanese chef Takayuki Mizuno.

The highlight is the very crisp tempura, but don’t forget the daily menu and have a look at the skillful cooking of fish at the lunch counter.

The others specialties are soups, uramaki and meat based dishes. We recommend to book in advance, due to the small size of the restaurant.


Where to eat Japanese food in Milan

In the afternoon we suggest you to enjoy the tea ceremony at the Maison du Mekong, tea room hosted by Cargo at via Meucci 39, a space of 11,000 square meters where to buy home furnishings.

At the Maison you can choose among 40 types of tea and 20 herbal teas; at lunchtime you can eat traditional French and Vietnamese dishes.

To buy the best Japanese teas, we suggest you to go shopping at Arte del Ricevere (at Via Macedonio Melloni 35) where you will find a selection of teas and teapots from around the world. Here you can buy the precious Matcha tea, a Nipponese excellence.

The Ramen dish became a sought-after specialty in Milan: is a soup with noodles, typical of the Rising Sun, you can eat this traditional dish at Casa Ramen (via Porro Lambertenghi 25), where the Italian chef became an expert of Ramen after tasted it in New York.

This small restaurant, located at Isola district, is very popular and often there are long queues outside, so get there early to avoid a long wait.

The Ramen is a soup to taste with chopsticks and spoon, sucking the noodles as the Japanese do and sipping the broth. In other words this is the antithesis of the Italian way, but Milanese confirmed the success of this gastronomical tradition.

A holiday in Milan is a nice chance to taste the best Japanese dishes, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Where to eat Japanese food in Milan

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