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Where to have an open air happy hour in Milan

News > Food | Where to have an open air happy hour in Milan

Leave the office, sit at a table of a local, well- decorated and cozy, meeting a friend or staying alone, clearing the mind with a book, have a drink, it’s a glass of wine a cocktail or a beer and tease something before dinner. This is the aperitif, a tradition in many countries in the world but which in Milan has a different value; we are talking about ritual that must be respected in all seasons, even in summer when the city is pretty empty on vacation but the bars are open and, even in this holiday period, on the aperitif time are repopulated. There are bar in city that would be much more comfortable in the summer and are preferred to bar indoors, which obviously are more crowded during the winter season. You can sit outdoors and fell not in town, but almost in the country, in the green and peace of a spot with no traffic.

Among the best places for a summer aperitif we propose three solutions:


The local 4cento offers a variety of activities that make it unique; concerts and DJ sets are nights that are proposed every week and after an aperitif at 4cento you may turn it into a night to keep until late. The restaurant has a large garden with a fully stocked bar and a dining room where they staged the evenings. It was a former farmhouse, dipped in the cool of the southern suburbs of Milan, almost in the open country and therefore it is very popular especially in summer. We suggest always to check look their calendars because the events organized by the management especially in the summer are always a lot, especially during the weekend. Click HERE to visit the official website.



The Botanical Club

The Botanical Club is a refined place in via Tortona, known in town for its cocktail area that provides about 150 gins from around the world. The local managers have also had a very original idea and perhaps only in Italy; open inside a gin distillery. Thus it was born the idea of opening the Botanical Club, which also has another headquarters to the “Isola” district, and make it a real laboratory of gin drinks. Experienced cocktail with spices from around the world to produce a special gin, exotic tastes and very special to accompany delicious cocktails. Click HERE to visit the official website.



Morgante Cocktail&Soul

The Morgante Cocktail & soul is on the Navigli, in the “Vicolo Delle Lavandaie”, the most beautiful view of the Naviglio Vigevanese that has remained unchanged from the nineteenth Century with its canal which served to the lavandee to wash clothes. Born in the place of an art gallery, inside the Morgante welcomes its clients in a beautiful garden. Here you can drink a very testy cocktails; Morgante in fact has an excellent and well-stocked selection of spirits, a trait that distinguishes him from the local area. The “Gin Tonic del vicolo” and “Julep delle Lavandaie” are two very popular trademarks. Click HERE to visit the official website.



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