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Winter activities in Milan, 4 things you should do

News > Eventi | Winter activities in Milan, 4 things you should do

During winter, the people of Milan move more quickly than the usual.

Wrapped in their scarves and coats, they rush into the shelters that will protect them from the fog, the snow and the low temperatures.

Dodging the crowd, they cross the threshold and, relieved, they begin to unbutton their coats while looking around. You’ll discover what they see in the next paragraphs.

Sipping tea to fight the cold


Impressive chandeliers, a wooden and marble bar and heavy curtains separating the rooms from the entrance of the local: these are the first details that you’ll notice when entering Taveggia. Located in Milan since 1909, Taveggia still retains the elegant furnishings of the early ‘900 and invites its customers in a warm and welcoming space where time seems to stand still.

Its tea room was considered the perfect setting for Maselli’s movie Il Sospetto (1975): its atmosphere “essential and mysterious, austere but not gloomy” seemed to hide intellectuals’ conspiracies behind teacups. And today, you can still breathe that atmosphere: sitting in the tea room, you’ll sip a cup of tea and you’ll get to escape from the cold and to witness an unchanged, ancient Milanese location.

(Hot) chocolate is never enough


The sign is one of the oldest in Milan: it dates back to 1936 and it seems a witness of charming past times, that charm that the recent interior restyling seems to have overshadowed. The sign bears the name of Sant’Ambroeus and belongs to one of the most famous pastry shops of Milan: opened after the war, it belonged to two Italian pastry chefs that have mastered the art of patisserie in Paris and had decided to bring it back to their hometown.

In Corso Matteotti, at number 7, this historic Milanese building opens its doors to the customers, and welcomes them in the cold afternoons. Sant’Ambroeus hot chocolate is considered the best you can taste: thick and sweetened to perfection, it gets along with superfine mignon pastries. What are you waiting for?

Get lost among the books


Elegant shelves, a wooden globe and marble tiles: the Sormani library is the perfect place for both taking amazing pictures and sweet escapes from the Milanese cold weather. Enter its rooms and you’ll enter a world of thick, ancient books, with their peculiar flickering sounds and unforgettable scents.

The Sormani library, just a few steps away from the Duomo, is the biggest library of Milan; it treasures over 650.000 items, among books, dvds and magazines. Anyone can go there and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere: you can walk through its alleys, sit behind a desk and admire old books’ typography, or sink in a sofa with a newspaper.

Some like it cold: outdoor seats



Some of you may not be frightened by cold: with a pair of gloves and a well-buttoned coat, you can dare cold weather like a pro.

So, here’s a suggestion of the places to spend time to if you don’t fear cold in Milan:

• If it snows, make sure you head to the Navigli, the channel of Milan: water gradually turning into ice and pavement getting snowy make the atmosphere even more special than the usual

• Don’t miss the ice rinks! Our favourites are those of the Darsena and of the Palazzo della Regione: by paying 5 Euros, you’ll skate for one hour and then heal your wounded ego for the many falls with some chocolate treats!

• Take a trip to the markets: fairs, Duomo stalls, Darsena Christmas Village: Milan in winter is filled with markets exhibiting regional products and unique handmade creations.

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